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Dylan Allen 

"I will not lose, for even in defeat, there's a valuable 
lesson learned, so it evens up for me." During high 
school I transformed into someone I thought I'd 
never be, but I regret nothing. My mistakes and 
triumphs have shaped me into who I am today, and I 
couldn't see it any other way. Solid times chillin' in 
the Mac's basement with a million different crews, 
breakfast at fodale. It's whatevw Blev. Word to 
Sam Henny, Chels, Canner Mac, Sarah Haggerty, 
Amanda and some others for always bein' there. 
Mom and dad too. Thanks guys, it was a good ride. 

Stephanie Andersen 

Life IS too short. Grudges are a waste of perfect 
happiness. Laugh when you can, apologize when 
you should and let go of what you can't change. 
Love deeply and forgive quickly. Take chances. Give 
everything and have no regrets. Life is too short to 
be unhappy You have to take the good with the 
bad. Smile when you're sad, love what you got, and 
always remember what you had. Always forgive, but 
never forget. Learn from your mistakes but never 
regret. People change, and things go wrong but 
always remember: life goes on! 

David Allen 

I want to thank my family and friends, it's 
been real. "Whatever you are, be a good 
one." — Abraham Lincoln 

John Amaral 

I would like to thank all the people who helped 
me along the way. First, I would like to thank 
Coach Bentley and Coach Miller for teaching 
me the game of Football. I would also like to 
thank Emma Masson and the rest of the 
Cheerleading Team for letting me join the 
team and teaching me the fundamentals of 
cheer. Lastly. I would like to thank Coach 
Colette Lohr for not only letting me on the 
team and teaching me, but being the best 
coach I've ever had. 

Peter Alvarenga 

Alyssa Anderson 

Mami, Papi, Paul, Erik. Matt, Amanda, Morgan: i 
Thank you. | 

Friends: Thank you. 

Teachers, coaches: Thank you. 

Class of 20 12: Good luck. 

"All my ex's live in Texas" George Strait the King. 
Boys and girls forever. 


Catherine Archambeault 

The last four years have been incredible. Mom & Dad, 
without your encouragement I would not have made it here, 
thank you, Maddie&Grace, thanks for accepting me, even 
when I was a turtle. To my friends, old and new- you have 
made high school unforgettable, love you all Sarah, you can 
brighten any day with tea and Family Guy. Alex, 6-1 1-10. 
best day ever. Prom was the best. Lady Knights, you're the 
best team at SHS, love you girls. Rascal, you're always my 
*1 boy. When in doubt, go stargazing. Class of 2012- 
Follow your bliss and never let go of your dreams. 

Lindsey Baker 

"You know how the time flies, only yesterday 
was the time of our lives" 

High School is just the first chapter in a book, 
and now that it's coming to a close the best 
parts of our lives are just about to begin. It has 
truly been an unforgettable journey. Thank you 
to my family for always being there over the 
past four years, and to Ashley and Mikhaela for 
literally laughing with me every single day and 
for the endless memories. Class of 20 1 2 it's 
now our time to start a new chapter. 

Catherine Balboni 

To laugh often and much: to win the respect 
of intelligent people and the affection of 
children: to earn the appreciation of honest 
critics and to endure the betrayal of false 
friends. To appreciate beauty: to find the best 
in others: to leave the world a bit better 
whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or 
a redeemed social condition: to know that 
even one life has breathed easier because you 
have lived. This is to have succeeded. 

- Ralph Waldo Emerson 


Grady Arnao 

Thank you to my family and friends you 
are the reason I am who I am. To the 
football team you guys are my best 
friends and you always will be. "Dream 
Big Work Hard" - J.J. Watt 

Alexandra Austin 

Alyssa Barr 

Clara Barrigas 

Thank you Mom, Dad. and Josh. ..I love you 
guys. Thanks to those who helped me 
throughout the years, wouldn't have been able 
to do It without you guys. Love you... "The 
winds that sometimes take something we 
love, are the same that bring us something we 
learn to love. Therefore we should not cry 
about something that was taken from us, but, 
yes, love what we have been given. Because 
what IS really ours is never gone forever." 

Samantha Bavelock 

Shannon Beloin 

I have to give an enormous THANK YOU to my 
family for everything you have done for me. We 
have been through everything imaginable together 
and I couldn't have gotten this far without all of you. 
To my AP friends who have pulled all-nighters w/ 
me, AP=Advanced Procrastination Intense XC run 
story times. To my tennis ladies, you guys are family 
to me. Playing barefoot <3. It's been real seniors, but 
the party is just starting. There's only us, there's only 
this, forget regret, or life is yours to miss, no other 
road, no other way, no day but today. 

Grace Barter 

My four years at SHS have been filled with 
happiness and experience. I have grown and 
changed from when I first arrived but never lost 
myself. Thank you to my parents, all four, and my 
sister for always standing by me with unconditional 
love and support. Thank you to my best friend, 
Nicole, for never ceasing to make me laugh and for 
understanding me without any need of explanation. 
Good luck to you all, face the world with open eyes 
and open arms. 

Grady Bergin 

Daniel Branco 

Rachel Brewster 

“Live in a judgment free zone 

Philip Boudrow 

Brianna Bourque 

"... I firmly believe that any man's finest 
hours - his greatest fulfillment of all that 
he holds dear - is that moment when he 
has worked his heart out in good cause 
and lies exhausted on the field of battle - 
victorious." (Vince Lombardi) 

"Who can say if I've been changed for the better? 
But because I knew you, I have been changed for 
good." It is amazing to see how far we have all 
come since our first days at SHS. To my best 
friends, I love you all very much, wish you the best of 
luck next year, but I am sure that we will see each 
other very soon. Mom, Dad, and the brothers thank 
you for supporting me each and every day. This is 
our chance to try something completely new, and I 
hope you all take that chance. 


I would like to thank my family and friends for 
always being there to support me throughout my 
high school career I don't know where I would be 
without you! I have become close with a few people 
who now mean so much to me. Trey Kamb you'll 
always be my best friend and practically my brother 
I couldn't imagine where I would be without you, 
we've been best friends since we were 5 and we've 
made so many fond memories over the years I love 
you! "The future belongs to those who believe in the 
beauty of their dreams." 

Hours spent at SHS per week: 53. hours spent 
sleeping; 36. Worth it? Absolutely. Thank you: mom 
for loving me always and driving me everywhere, 
dad for trying, and Tom for making me laugh. Rae: 
don't over shadow my memory too much. Meg, Ash, 
and Tom, I love our reindeer family. To the UWH 
group, who needs oxygen? I.S.. Amnesty, and 
softball, you meant everything. Love you Eva and 
Kylie, high school would have been boring without 
you, from late night swimming to camping at Mo's, 
who can ask for better friends? And to movie nights 
with Calvin, always fun. 

Emily Briggs 

"In those perfect nnoments, you find 
beauty you never knew existed. You find 
yourself and your friends all over again, 
you find something to fight for, something 
to love. Something to show the world." - 
Gerard Way 

Krista Brown 

Aimee Brophy 

Adam Brophy 

James Bryant 

Christopher Burns 

IVe learned so much at Sandwich High, and I'll 
never forget my teachers and my experiences. My 
life has changed greatly, and I owe it to my friends 
and family. I'm thankful for the friends I made and 
my ability to stay straight edge through high school. 
I thank so much to my mom for helping me through 
life, to my brother who I've always looked up to, and 
to my girlfriend who is always by my side. As-Salmu 
'Alaykum! "If they don't know your dreams then 
they can't shoot them down". - J.Cole 

Emily Budzynkiewicz 

II n'est rien de reel que le reve et I'amour. 

To Stacy, Cassie, Ashley, Mikhaela, Bethany, Lindsey, 
and all the new friends I have made at SHS who 
have made me laugh, cry, and smile every second 
we are together, and for helping me not get too lost 
during my first few weeks. To my parents who have 
shown me never ending support in all that I have 
strived for. Thank you Sandwich High School for 
making my last year of high school one I won't 

Alyssa Buttrick 

"Laugh as much as you breathe and love 
as long as you live. 

Nobody can go back and start a new 
beginning, but anyone can start today 
and make a new ending. 

Don't wait for something big to occur. 
Start where you are, with what you have, 
and that will always lead you into 
something greater. 

One day your life will flash before your 
eyes, make sure it's worth watching." 

Alexandra Caggiano 

"Oh man we were living didn't waste one minute. 
We talked & sang & danced & said goodbye, we 
laughed until we cried." The friends I've made here 
are friends for life- Bn Reilly Kit Dam Abby. Best 
times-McNeill's psych, English 1 1 AP. ski trips, class 
officers, meeting Luke Bryan, and summer concerts! 
Mom Dad Alyssa and Owen- thank you so much, 
love you! "Take each day and make it last, cause 
you turn around and the future is the past. The 
beginning and the end mean so little. What matters 
most is what's in the middle." 

Brenden Caldeira 


Cole Cataneo-Ryan 

Ashley Chace 

Leaving home is part of growing up, and the 
direction we take may be opposite to where 
we end up. Friends can be made wherever i 
we go. but never forget the ones closest to ' 
home. They say you never know what you > 
have until it's gone, and as I step out into the * 
unknown, I realize how fortunate I am to have jj 
what I know. Friends and family have taught Ij 
me beyond what any book holds, and it's time ] 
to watch the path they have led me on unfold. 


Brie Campbell 

John Cannavo 

"Love the life you live. Live the life you 
love." -# Bob Marley 

From Red Raider to Blue Knight, "I look 
better in Blue." 

Thank you to my coaches Tony, Sherry, 
and Wes and thank you to everyone who 
took the time to get to know me in the 
last two years. 

My deepest gratitude goes to my father, Steve. 
Without his guidance, I would not be who I am 
today. Thank you to Kathie and to my sisters, Nikki 
and Alyssa, for raising and putting up with me for all 
these years. Of course, high school would never 
have been the same without Allison Lizotte, either. 
Thank you Allison for being my everything. I hope 
Sandwich Fligh always remembers Students and 
Military and the efforts of about thirty dedicated 
individuals. To our teachers and the men and 
women serving in our armed forces, thank you. God 
bless America. 

"It does not do to dwell on dreams and 
forget to live." I think that we should 
change the world. Good luck, everyone! 
And thanks Matt, Jonny, Mom, Dad and 
Gams; You're the best family ever. Amac 
ya meatball, you'll always be my best 
friend. Stay happy, remember to laugh, 
and spread the peace :-) 

Danielle Cassista 

Brendan Carl 

1 want to thank my parents.friends, teachers.and coaches for 
guiding me through high school. You all helped me 

"I can change the world with my own two hands." -Jack 

We are the future. We will shape the world for upcoming 
generations. And. everyone has a chance to make a 
difference by being ambitious and following dreams 
'Families is where our nation finds hope, where wings take 
dream " -George Bush 
But. the true key to success is happiness, 

"Love the life you live, live the life you love," -Bob Marley 

Olivia Christian 

Benjamin Clabault 

Megan Clancy 

High school certainly has not been a breeze, but 
thank you to those of you who made it memorable. 
Thanks to my friends who put up with my ego- 
antics. I'll remember bowling nights, after school 
snacks, long drives in Velma, and the Sound of 
Music. Mom, Susie, Gram, Gramp, Mads, Liddel 
Buddy, and Marney: you all have been the best 
family a person could ask for. You all contributed to 
my high school success and I thank each of you for 
encouraging me each step of the way. 

Thank you to my parents for giving me all that I 
could have ever asked for. Liz, for always being the 
best you could. To everyone else who impacted my 
life, shaped, and helped me become the person that 
I am. And to the rest, I thank you as well. You made 
me stronger, ambitious, and motivated. Without you 
this couldn't have happened. To my softball girls, I 
couldn't even try to forget you all, Krusty, Snooza, 
and Panda. "You all held me so tight in the palm of 
life, as you open your hands I am finally set free, 
ready to fly, into my new life, the future, " Thank you. 

Thanks to everyone who has made high 
school fun. It's been pretty sweet, and I hope 
everyone else enjoyed it, too. 

Remember, "If at first you don't succeed, try 
until you do." 

Shawn Claudio 

Molly Cobb 

Mikaela Colameco 

"There are no regrets in life, just lessons". Here's to 
living, loving, and having no regrets. Mom, dad. 
Matt, and Spunk, thank you for teaching me never to 
give up. I wouldn't be the person I am today without 
your guidance and love. Pat, our memories will last 
in my heart forever<3 081410. Soccer and 
Lacrosse girls" always making me laugh so hard I 
cry: I love you ladies. Molly, Abby, and Nicole, our 
friendship will last miles and miles apart. Thank you 
for the life long memories, and always being my 
shoulder to lean on, I can't thank you girls enough 
Congratulations class of 2012. we did it! 

"People come and go into your life for a 
reason." It's crazy to think that we're finally 
seniors and moving on with our lives. I'd like 
to thank my friends and family. To my parents 
Mom and Dad, I honestly don't know where I 
would be without all your support. Ryan, JJ, 
and Kevin you are the best brothers any girl 
could ask for and I thank you for that. To my 
best friends: Danni and Alyssa, we have been 
through it all and we are still extremely close. I 
love you all. Congratulations class of 201 21! 


The fall of '08 seems so long ago. Class of '12, & 
we've come so far, 4 years later. Thanks Mom & 
Dad for everything, Molly & Kristie, I Love you both 
for doing it all first & being there for me every step 
of the way. Liv— you'll always be HC Queen. Tom & 
Jonny, Rel & Bri— I couldn't have had more fun with 
anyone else. SWA. Boys Swimming & YMCA Makos 
It's because of you guys the pool has been home all 
these years. A mis chamigos argentinos, gracias por 
su amistad y todo lo que han hecho para mi. Los 
quiero. All the best to 2012... "Enjoy the Ride" - 

What an awesome four years! I have met so many 
wonderful people and love you all! Great times 
homeroom buds- Stephanie, Ashley, Emma, Olivia, 
Rachel, Gretchen. I learned so much from my 
teachers and will forever miss AP Psych. It's been 
amazing participating in clubs, and I absolutely love 
tennis- best team ever! Thank you Mom, Dad, and 
Nate for being so supportive. Most of all, I thank 
God for all of my friends and experiences and for 
getting me through it all. "I can do all things through 
Christ who strengthens me." Thank you SHS! 

Timothy Corsini 

Johnny Cotter 

Gaven Cox 

I would like to thank my family and my 
fellow students, who have all helped me 
through many trials over the past several 
years. Although this has been a long haul 
we are nearly at the end of the road. 
Thank you all for this incredible 
experience, but the work is not yet over. 
Now the time has come for us to secure a 
brighter future and face whatever trials 
have yet to emerge. 

Keilen Comer 

Erica Corbiere 

Timothy Cox 

Christopher Crowley 

"It always seems impossible until it's 

Thank you to my teachers, coaches, 
friends, and my family that have always 
been there for me. I will miss Friday night 
games, winter in the water, and being out 
on the diamond. Good luck to everyone. 

Jake Crosby 

"To accomplish great things, we must not 
only act, but also dream; not only plan, 
but also believe." 

Always put your best foot forward, I know 
I do! 

Congratulations to the class of 2012! It 
has been fun spending this time with you 

Thomas Cundiff 

We must be the generation of problem solvers and 
opportunity creators. We can no longer afford to 
wait for mommy and daddy to fix the world; it is 
now our world to restore. Let us act now and use 
the gifts we have been given to make this Earth a 
better place for all life. 

Thank you to my family, my closest friends, my 
teachers and my coaches, I could have never 
pursued my goals without your support. 

And remember to laugh, 

'They've done studies, you know. 60% of the time, it 
works every time." Anchorman 

Nicholaus Crossman 

I would like to thank my family, friends, and teachers for 
helping me get through these 4 years of high school The 
opportunities, accomplishments, and recognitions I have 
received would not have been achieved without such 
support. The chance to become part of a brand new 
program (Freshmen Seminar) was an amazing experience, 
and I hope it is carried on throughout future years. Many 
great memories, new friendships, and life lessons will surely 
follow me the rest of my life. Good luck to the upcoming 
classes of SHS, Farwell Class of 20 1 2! - "Destined to shine, 
I'ma find a way " 

Jessica Curran 

My greatest friends Liam, Brad, Ben, 
Robbie, Brenden, Joey, my girlfriend 
Molly, and my dog Remmy for the 
greatest times. Good time at man cave 
with my fellow bros. Thanks to my family 
for supporting me through everything. 
Hunting and fishing being my passion and 
keeping me out of trouble. I would like to 
pursue my dream of firefighting. 


Teele Currier 

Lasting friendships, memories, and 
experiences have come out of my years at 
Sandwich High School. "Life is short. Break the 
rules, forgive quickly, laugh uncontrollably, and 
never regret anything that made you smile." 
Thank you to my parents, Jennifer Sundman, 
and Samantha Hagenstein for being as loving 
and supportive as can be. Live young, wild & 
free class of 20 1 2 

Nicole Daly 

Grace Davis 

Hannah Davies 

Victoria Denmat 

Shawn Deane 

Michael Diefendorf 

Jordan DeBettencourt 

"Attitudes truly are contagious. So ask 
yourself one question... Is mine worth 

Thomas DeCoste 

"This is where I will always be, on the 
road that doesn't end and the views that 
never cease with a feeling bittersweet. I'm 
counting down the days, we're counting 
down the days." 

- We Came As Romans 

Courtney Diamond 

"There are big ships and small ships. But the 
best ship of all was friendship." Thank you to 
all my friends I have made over the years at 
SHS. Also, thank you to the field hockey team 
for a great four years. To my mom and dad, 
thank you for making me the person I am 
today. To my brother. Brendan, thanks for 
beginning a road I can follow. To the Taylors, 
thank you for being such great friends and 
family. To the class of 20 1 2, good luck! 

Sarah Diemer 

"You find your faith has been lost and shaken, 
you take back what's been taken. Get on your 
knees and dig down deep, you can do what 
you think is impossible. Love is unstoppable." 
These past four years have gone by faster than 
I could have ever imagined. Thank you so 
much to my friends, family, and everyone else 
who has helped me in anyway. It's been 
amazing, but I'm ready to finally say goodbye. 
Congrats and good luck class of 20 1 2! 

"I see a light, a little grace, a little faith 
unfurled. Well, hello world." 

Elizabeth Doleman 


Harrington Drake 

"For when the power of love overcomes the love of 
power, the world will know peace'’-(Jimi Flendrix). 
Unless we understand these words, and act upon 
them, how can we have any hope for the future of 
mankind? Can one person really change the vicious, 
cruel world of the present? Kindness: tenderness: 
love: small bits of compassion can make a big 
difference in another's life. So go forth and make a 
change! Flelp one another: have a heart: spread the 
love: sow the seeds of brotherhood! Someday, with 
love and some effort, perhaps the world will know 
true peace and camaraderie. 

Charlotte Durieux 

Emma Ellis 

"It was times like those that made my life what 
it was. Whether for the better, or for 
the worse... I'll never regret it." - A.J. Breault 
Thank you to my family, friends, teachers, and 
coaches who made my success at Sandwich 
High School possible. Good luck class of 
2012 ! 

Matthew Dorado 

"I leave you my portrait so that you will have my 
presence all the days and nights that I am away 
from you." (-Frida Kahio). I will not be able to leave 
this place as easily as everyone else. The friends I 
came in with freshman year are some of the same 
people I will leave with, calling them family now. I 
now realize how much I have grown in four years, 
and I'm very grateful. Thank you friends, 
acquaintances, teachers, and others I may have only 
looked at and never talked to. I love you all, good 
luck ever/one! 

Tyler Dower 

Thanks to my family!!! Especially my 

Love you all!!! 

Fun times hanging with Shane. Cody, 
Johnny, Robbie, Liam, Dean, Brad, Ben!!! 
R.I.P, Richie. ..Miss You 

Dallas Donovan 

Stephanie Esmond 

Looking back, time seemed to crawl, but here we 
are four years later, ready to start a new chapter in 
our lives. My time at SHS was nothing short of a 
rollercoaster, but I know I'm a better person now 
than I was when I walked in the door for the first 
time four years ago. Thank you to my mom and dad, 
who kept me on track, and to my friends who kept 
me going when it got tough. To all my teachers 
who've helped me along the way. I owe you 
everything. Congrats Class of 201 2, we made it! 
"Don't live down to expectations. Go out there and 
do something remarkable" 

Maranda Fernald 




"The best way to predict the future is to 
create it." Thank you Mom Dad Melissa 
and Michelle for always being there! And 
j'.to my Friends I love you all so much and 
couldn't have made it through these four 
years without you. 

David Evans 

"Don't let your dreams be dreams" - Jack 

" Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid 
or terrified because of them, for the LORD your 
god goes with you: he will never leave you nor 
forsake you"-Deuteronomy 3 1 :6 

"Stay Frosty" 

Robert Finerty 

I would like to thank my Dad, Mom, and 
my Brother for their help over the years. 
Good times at Mancave, The Boss's 
house. Brads birthday party and chillen 
with my friends. Also good times going to 
Nantucket and Pennsylvania hunting with 
my Dad, my Brother, and Shawn and 
going fishing during the summer, cya 

Samantha Finerty 

Diana Evans 

"Do not follow where the path might lead. Go, 
instead, where there is no path, and leave a 
trail." I never would have made it through high 
school if it weren't for my mom. She's my 
fan, and my best friend. Some of my favorite 
memories are with my cheer sisters at Friday 
night football games. I will miss you all, KICK 
BUTT at ACL's next year! I've been waiting 
four years to say this: GOODBYE SANDWICH! 
I'm never going to look back... 

Sophia Finocchl 

Emma Fitzpatrick 

Connor Flannery 

To my field hockey team, thanks for teaching me that 
dedication pays off. but only if you laugh at yourself along 
the way. To my KTC family, thanks for teaching me that 
being myself is the greatest role I will ever take on. To my Dl 
team, thanks for making me laugh with your genius ideas. 
To my friends, thanks for seeing the real me, and then 
sticking around. Thanks to my family for your never ending 
support. If high school has taught me one thing it's this, "Be 
who you are and say what you feel, because those who 
mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind " 

Dr. Seuss 

Congratulations class of 2012! 

Seize the day, and make memories. 

Desire what you will, but be willing to achieve. 

Embrace your endeavors, for there is no progress without! 

Persevere beyond all limits, and your potential will become 

Expect greatness, and welcome the guest. 

Never fear failures, through them we learn to succeed 
View obstacles as opportunities, remain loyal, and you will 

Stay true to yourself, and faith will last. 

Focus on the future, the future is now 

To my parents who forced me to come, my friends who 
made me want to stay, and my sisters who showed me 
what 1 have to look forward to. 

"You have a brain in your head You have feet in your 

You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. 

You're on your own, and you know what you know. 

And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go 
(Dr. Seuss). 

Evan Foster 

Alexandra Flood 

This is for my parents, thank you for 
always encouraging me to do what I 
thought impossible. Also, to my second 
brother and best friend Paul, thanks for 
pulling me out of the snow when no one 
else was around. 

"A true friend never gets in your way 
unless you happen to be going down." 

"Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So 
love the people who treat you right. Forget 
about the one's who don't. Believe things 
happen for a reason. If you get a second 
chance, grab it with both hands. If it changes 
your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, 
they just promised it would be worth it." 

Alyssa, Tyler and Kelley, you guys are my best 
friends, thank you for everything. Thanks to my 
family for always supporting me and being 
there for me. It's finally time to move on and 
start over. 

Never second guess where you've been, where you 
are. and most of all where you are going. I'd like to 
thank mom, dad, and Ryan (my secret brother) for 
putting up with me far beyond these past four years. 
Shalynn & Jenna, I bet our moms never thought 
they'd see the day when the three of us would finally 
be out on our own, love and miss my sisters! My 
Dos Acres girls + Ian, holler, Alex thank you for 
absolutely everything, you've forever changed my 
life. Don't cry because it's over, smile because it 
happened.. Congratulations seniors '12 and good 
luck to all of you! 

Charles Gagnon 

Alexa Franco 

Lauren Gallagher 

I cant believe how fast the past four years have 
gone by: and to think we believed our days at SHS 
would never end. To all of my friends and family, to 
dance and all it has taught me, to coffee at mious, to 
wacky Wednesdays, to oh so many nicknames, to 
being assertive, to skipping through the halls, to 
Ceara Tavares, to Alyssa McCracken, to Nan, to 
Rigazzz, to AP (varsity) psych, to the unforgettable 
moments, to the class of 2012, it's been quite a 
ride! Good luck and thanks for all of the memories! 


Benjamin Ganley 

"Great ambition is the passion of a great 
character. Those endowed with it may 
perform very good or very bad acts." I feel a 
deep appreciation towards my mother and 
father for all of the lessons and morals they 
have bestowed upon me, such as hard work 
and ambition, which have shaped me into the 
man I am today. My parents taught me to 
value education, both through practical 
experience and academic study. Knowledge 
is power. Power buys time. Time is money, 
and "a man who dares to waste one hour of 
time has not discovered the value of life." 

Paul Gannett 

"Staying up all night is a waste of sleeping, 
and a waste of sleeping is a waste of 
dreaming, and dreaming is important because 
the more dreams you have, the better chance 
you have of one coming true." 


"We're so busy watching out for what's just 
ahead of us that we don't take time to enjoy 
where we are." 

-Calvin and Hobbes 

Abigail Garrahan 

"Life is short, let's go live it. Ain't no time 
for wasting time." My four years of high 
school completely flew by... Thank you to 
everyone who has helped me along the 
way. Mom, Dad, Maj, and Rose, thank 
you for everything- i couldn't have done it 
without you. also thank you so much to all 
my friends, love you all :) Peace sandwich. 

Special thanks to my family and friends 
who have been there for me and believed 
in me throughout my high school days. 
Can't wait to be on with my life. 

Misty Giles 

Nicole Gilooly 

Congratulations to the class of 2012! We 
made it! Thank you to my wonderful [ 
parents, Twin Acres family, the t' 
tennis girls, my teachers, and my best t; 
friends! I couldn't have done well without \ 
the support of you all! Good luck to ^ 
everyone in the future! Keep in touch! s 

Erika Glaser 

Hannah Gnong 

Brianna Golden 

"1 hope your dreams take you to the corners of your 
smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows 
of your opportunities, and to the most special places 
your heart has ever known." Mom, Dad, & Allyson- 
thank you for everything, lloveyou. Katl- myotherhalf; 
I couldn't find a better friend. Dan, Rae, Nicci, Meg, 
Alana, "thanks for always making me laugh, ur my 
best. Swim girls- thanks for the memories- Em, my 
twin. Thank you for these four years: it’s been an 
amazing ride. I wouldn't change a thing! "Everything 
comes to an end, except the part you carry with 
you." Good luck Class of 201 21 

Thank you Mom and Dad for everything 
you've done to help me through the years, 
I could not have done it without you and 
your support. Thank you to my teachers 
and the administration. Auntie and Kerry - 
thank you for everything you have done 
for me, it means more then words can 
explain. Good luck class of 2012, I wish 
you the best! 

The past four years have been full of 
unforgettable moments. I will forever cherish 
my high school years which are full of 
memories with my friends and my field hockey 
family. Thank you to my field hockey coach, 
Kelsy Beaton, who has taught me to work 
harder than I ever knew I could. I also want to 
thank my family for always loving and 
supporting me. Best of luck to everyone! 


Bethany Gomes 

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart." - 
Confucius. I would like to start by thanking my 
parents. They have given me everything I need so 
that I could have the opportunities to succeed in 
anything that I want to do. I would also like to thank 
my friends, without them I would have never been 
able to make it through high school. They've always 
had my back and supported my crazy ideas. Finally, 
I would like to thank my sister. She has always 
looked up to me to do the right thing, which I 
believe has helped me to stay on the right path. 

Thomas Grady 

Mom Dad Michael Rufus - thank you for the love and 
support. Karen Chris Charlie Kyle Reg - you'll always 
be my second family. Cheer girls - stay pretty. Camp 
crew - you're outstanding. Falmouth - thanks for the 
memories xo. River kids - summers wouldn't be the 
same without you. Paige Aimee Bella - love you girls 
thank you for always being there. Good luck class of 
2012 ! 

"For beautiful eyes, look for the good; for beautiful 
lips, speak only words of kindness: and for poise, 
walk with the knowledge that you are never alone " - 
Audrey Flepburn 


Eva Golden 




Wonderful memories persist as time 
progresses and locations change since 
beauty resides in a seemingly mundane 
reality. I love all of you: Mo Sykes, Kylie 
Malloy, Krista Brown, Robbie Papapietro, 
Matt Dorado, Jessica Curran, Jack Enos, 
Sam Scott and others. 

Mary Grundman 

Alana Graves 

Twenty years from now: you will be more 
disappointed by the things you didn't do than 
by the ones you did. So throw off the 
bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. 
Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. 
Dream. Discover. Mom, Dad, Adam, Cara, Kay 
and Lauren I love you all so much. Madison, 
you'll always be my fourth sister. Life is about 
trusting our feelings & taking chances, losing 
Ef finding happiness, appreciating the 
memories & learning from the past. This is just 
the beginning. 

Danielle Grout 

Sarah Haggerty 

These last four years have been absolutely 
incredible, and I will take the memories with me 
wherever I go. Meme, Pops, Okat and Little Ricky-I 
wouldn't want it any other way and I love you 
through it all. A special thanks to Kit, the boardwalk, 
and pumpkin coffee for keeping me sane. Ashley- 
you'll always be my girl. Abby G, Abby P, Dylan, 
Dave, and the rest who have made my high school 
experience unforgettable, I owe you the world. Mr, 
Schermerhorn and our English 1 1 AP Class-you 
guys are my favorite and I'll owe my success to you, 
‘ To the class of 20 1 2-"The best thing in life to hold 
onto is each other" Love ya'II :-) 


Cody Hamblin 

Thank You to all the teachers I had the 
past four years. High School was a great 
experience. Best experience has been 
going through these four years with the 
group of friends I have. Going to miss 
everybody after high school and hope 
that we all figure out what to do after we 
graduate. Good Luck to everybody in the 
class of 20 1 2! 

Amelia Hamilton 

"Some people come into our lives and quickly go, some stay 
tor a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never 
the same" To Mom and Dad. thank you for all of your 
support. I couldn't have done it without you. To Jen. I don't 
know where to start It's been a long journey from first 
grade to now. We have grown up together and I am going 
to miss you a lot next year To all my friends, thank you for 
everything throughout the years To The Bourne Skating 
Club, you became my second home and I can't thank 
everyone enough for all of their support and encouragement 
with my skating TJ, thank you for everything you have done 
for me the past two years and I can't thank you enough. 
Lastly, thank you to all the teachers who have helped me I 
can't believe this journey has come to end. Congratulations 
class of 20121 

Jared Gustafson 

Luke Guillemette 

Wow, It has been a crazy ride and I can't L 
believe it's already coming to an end. Mom, ;[; 
Dad, Jon, and T, thank you for everything and j^. 
always believing in me. To all of my beautiful L, 
friends, I will never forget the laughs we :, 
shared, I love you dearly. Pammy - You are ‘ 
always in my heart and I miss you everyday, 
" up your heart and the sky is yours..." 
Congratulations class of 2012, now it's your . 
time to change the world. I 

Samantha Hagenstein 

Gretchen Hanson 

Thank You Mom and dad for putting up with me 
when I looked for two years to find a studio and 
coming to every practice you could. Also, thanks for 
making sure I pushed myself for truly important 
things to me, I love you both. Abby, you are the best 
friend ever. I don't know what I'm going to do when 
I don't share a room with you. My friends made each 
day more fun. Finally, Thanks Mr, Schermerhorn for 
being an awesome teacher, for viewing me as an 
equal, and ranting about glee with me. 

Daniel Hawkins 

My favorite times in high school were in 
Mr. Brothers' history class during my 
junior year, "Wheelin'" with Jackson, and 
Coakley's woodshop classes. Some of my 
favorite memories are riding with Tim, 

Alex and Pete, rebuilding my four 
wheeler, spending time with Dina, and 
working at Preppy Puppy. Thanks mom 
and dad, Nina and Papa, and Jack and 
Shirley for all your love and support that 
you've given me throughout my life. I will 

never forget SHS. 21 


Meaghan Harden 

"Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none." 
Basketball and Golf best memories and 
lots of fun. 

Thank you to my friends who got me 
through the years! 

Best of luck to everyone. 


Austin Haygood 

Christian Hassler 

Peter Hanlon 

have accomplished a lot 
' Learned from my mistakes 
;; And I owe it all to my parents 
I ' So thank you Mom and Dad 
1 * (and well that's it) 

Kyle Hein Jason Hendy Samuel Hennessy 

"The friend in my adversity I shall always 
cherish most. I can better trust those who 
helped to relieve the gloom of my dark 
hours than those who are so ready to 
enjoy with me the sunshine of my 

Dino Heras Joseph Herbaugh Benjamin Herndon 

Tyler Holmes 

Katelyn Houlihan 

Andrew Howells 

. When I think back on my past back when 
J Pluto was a planet and there were only 
151 different Pokemon, I realize that 
everything changes. This is why we can't 
have nice things. 

Every story has an end: in life the end is just a 
new beginning -Uptown Girls. Although this 
chapter of my story is ending, I have attained 
many of my goals and am proud of the person 
I have become because of these experiences. I 
want to say thank you to my mom and dad. for 
never giving up and believing in me through 
the hardest times. To my best friends, who 
have stayed with me since freshman year and 
have made my high school career the most 
memorable. Congrats Class of 2012, we 
finally did it! 

It is amazing how fast High school flies by. My 
time at Sandwich has been nothing but fun. 
My favorite memories are those of playing 
Friday nights, under the lights. Football has 
easily been my favorite experience of high 
school. I will never forget playing with guys 
like Georgia. Tony, Kyle, Lucas, Chris, and 
everyone else. To my other friends, I will miss 
you just as much. I want to thank my family, 
friends, and coaches for standing by me. It has 
been great, but it's time for us to grow up and 
get on with our lives. 


Brenna Hines 

Tara Hoenings 

Jason Heyer 


Nicole lodice 

"So be strong and courageous Do not be afraid or terrified 
because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you: he 
will never leave you nor forsake you." 

-Deuteronomy 3 1 6 

Brittany, Alexa, Kristen, Katie, Matt: I wouldn't have made It 
without you. 

Mr Schermerhorn, you hold my highest appreciation. Thank 
you for the continuous encouragement to bring myself "to 
the next level". I wouldn't have been as successful if it 
weren't for your guidance. 

Taylor Jackimowicz 

Matthew Johnson 

Life is always full off surprises, but I have no 
regrets. I've accomplished so much in my 
childhood from taking apart a bike to building 
a motor to a car that will shift out of 3rd doing 
80. I have great best friends including Tim 
O'Brien, Peter Burger, and Anthony Smith who 
is like a little brother to me. I want to thank my 
friends and family for their support all along 
and for being there for me. I'll always burn 
rubber, but I'll never burn my soul! 

One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's 
worth watching. 


Be not afraid of going slowly: be afraid only of standing still. 


Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans 

-John Lennon 

I'll remember all my friends and everything we have done, 
and not wanting to change a thing!!! 

Alexander Jackson 

Bryan Jenkins 

Bradford Howes 

Connor Lamb 

good times out of school, mancave 

Courtney Langford 

Elizabeth Kelly 

"Things do not change: we change". 
-Henry David Thoreau 
Sometimes all we need to change is our 
attitude to see the silver lining on 
whatever clouds we encounter. 

Thanks to my family and friends for all 
the support and encouragement over the 

You guys are the best! :) 

Isabella Junqueira 

"Nobody can go back and start a new 
y beginning, but anyone can start today 
and make a new ending." Mom and Dad- 
; : thanks for everything, I wouldn't be where 
|( I am today without you guys, I love you, 
i! Mary- don't ever forget, "Paris is always a 
i-, good idea." Cheer girls- I'll never forget 
I any of you, ACL champs '11, love you all! 
Good Luck Class of 20 1 2! 

Kohle Kinsella 

Robert Kamb III 

Life is a succession of lessons which must be 
lived to be understood - Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Thinking back to freshman year, I would never 
have imagined the people I would meet, the 
lessons I would learn, or the things I would 
discover about myself. We all grow a little bit 
every day, and we all experience changes that 
serve to shape us into the adults we will soon 

Matthew Larson 

Dana Layo Caitlyn Lazarescu 

Congratulations SHS class of 2012! 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Maggie, Mads, and 
everyone who helped me get this far! We 
finally made it :)!! 

Chelsey Lehmann 

Cody Leary 

These past four years have been some of the best 
years of my life. I would like to thank my parents for 
always being there for me through everything no 
matter what. I would also like to thank my friends for 
always being there and making me smile and 
showing me a great time. I will always remember 
my lacrosse brothers. 

"Life is too short to worry about the small things" 
Shine Down 

Rachel LaBarre 


The years have certainly gone fast, just like they said 
they would. Thanks to my family, I love you! I will 
never forget my friends. To the FH girls, we have 
gotten so close over the years, with so many 
memories. To the class of 2012, it's been a long 
road to get us where we are now, but we made it 
through, "See you when I see you, another place, 
some other time, if I ever get down your way, or 
you're ever up around mine. We'll laugh about the 
old days, and catch up on the new. Yeah I'll see you 
when I see you, and I hope it's someday soon". 

Michael Lerch 

"You've gotta dance like there's nobody 

Love like you'll never be hurt. 

Sing like there's nobody listening. 

And live like it's heaven on earth." 

William W. Purkey 3 

Kristen Levesque 

I am glad I could meet so many wonderful 
people in my life at Sandwich, 

Thank you to all my friends and family for 
supporting me and being a part 
of my life. 

Brendan LeVangie 

You must do the thing you think you 
cannot do. - Eleanor Roosevelt 

Do not go where the path may lead; go 
instead where there is no path and leave 
a trail. - 

Ralph Waldo Emerson 

First off. I'd like to thank my mom and dad for giving 
me the drive to succeed, I love you both more than 
you know With that said, shout out to Slowey, Sam 
Flennessy, Connor Mac, and Jake Campbell, even 
though he had to move. Cheers to prom night, BBC 
Tuesdays, The Cube, and the Jeep on the beach. 
You guys are my bros forever, and we will no doubt 
be friends til death. I love you all and it's just. What 
Ev Blev. 

"I love it when you call me Big Poppa" - Biggie 


Colleen Lyons 

"Long live the walls we crashed through, I had the 
time of my life with you" Four years have gone by 
fast. I'll never forget the hours spent with my Dl 
team, endless KTC rehearsals, "Aaron's Party" in the 
prom limo, Marylou's dates, 6A drives, beach days, 
bonfires. Notebook nights. Stop and Shop runs, 
slumbies, and the countless concerts, Ben & Billy, 
thanks for being such amazing role models. Mom & 
Dad, thanks for guiding me through everything. 

Class of 20 1 2, "Dream as if you'll live forever. Live 
as if you'll die today." Good lucki 

Kylie Malloy 

'After all, things change. ..people come into your 
life and they go. But it's comforting to know that 
the ones you love are always in your heart., and 
if you're very lucky, a plane ride away' - Carrie 

Eva and Krista - through it all you guys have 
always been there for me, I love you to death 
and I hope we're always just a plane ride away 
Tech crew love and snuggling forever and shout 
out to 'the corner' in AP English 1 1 . Love you 
guys so much and hope you accomplish 
wonderful things in the next four years! 

Allison Lizotte 

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look 
around once in a while, you could miss it." - Ferris 
Bueller. Thanks to my whole family, especially Mom, 
Dad, Jessica, and Meghan for teaching me how to 
love and be loved and reminding me to always 
"have fun, play hard, don't get hurt, and don't hurt 
anyone else." Thanks to all my friends who made 
these past four years so memorable, I will never 
forget you guys. And of course, thank you John 
Cannavo because my life would not be the same 
without you in it. 

Jacob Macone 

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. 
Live the life you have imagined." I would like to ■ 
thank my Mom, Dad, and my friends for showing 
me how to overcome the impossible and strive . 
higher to be successful, I have learned throughout 
these years that nothing comes easy. Life is no, 
dress rehearsal: it's one chance to be the best that 
I can be. I must utilize my ambition and 
motivational skills in order for my dreams to ! ' 
become a reality. I 

"I know It doesn't feel this way all the time, but 
we get to choose what we care about ...We 
choose what - or ideally whom - to lust after. 
We choose what to watch, what to like, what to 
build, how to spend the breaths that we've 
been alive... I'm happiest when I feel like I'm 
part of a community that helps me choose 
more intelligently and with greater empathy. 
And I for one like the choices we made" 

John Green 

Mariah MacKenzie 

Jerome MacLeod 


Emma Masson 

Adam Mason 

Taylor Marshall 

These past four years have been unforgettable, I 
owe it all to my beautiful friends. Tech, and sailing, 
who made them count. Mel, I'd be lost without you 
thanks for even/thing. Thanks to my family for 
always believing in me, when I didn't believe in 
myself. Pup, thanks for knowing I could achieve 
anything. I love you. "Years from now you'll be 
disappointed by the things you didn't do rather than 
the ones you did. Throw off your bowlines. Sail away 
from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your 
sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." Congrats class of 
2012 ! 


Matthew Mantenfel 

The past four years have gone by fast, but 
I were filled with so many memories. I'll never 
I'forget Dave Regan's arguments with Doc 
Snider in Latin class, all my nicknames from 
freshman year, playing Sporcle in APUSH with 
everybody, Tres Amigos, driving while blasting 
music with the boys, all the wild summer 
nights, and all the pasta dinners for soccer. 

Justin Martinez 

Colby Mathis 






"Life! we've been long together 

Through pleasant and through cloudy weather; 

Tis hard to part when friends are dear,— 

Perhaps 'twill cost a sigh, a tear. 

Then steal away, give little warning. 

Choose thine own time. 

Say not "Good-night," but in some brighter clime. 
Bid me 'Good-morning.'" - Anna Laetitia Barbauld 


.1 Well on an up note I'll miss you all and I'll try to keep in 
touch. We are all going in different directions and we 
.all need to remember from which origins we came. 
f Good luck on your voyage. 

"Best start putting first things first, cause when 
your hour glass runs out of sand, you can't flip it 
over and start again. Take every breathe God 
gives you for what it's worth." Everyone said 
high school would fly by, and I never believed 
them. Thanks to my mom, dad, and Molly for 
putting up with me all these years. ACL Cheer 
Champions 2008 and 2011! We did it! :) The 
past four years have been amazing, love you 
girls (& jj). Love you Kyle, high school wouldn't 
have been the same without you. 

I would like to thank my friends and family for 
helping me through these four years of high 
school: I couldn't have finished without 
everyone. I would like to thank my friends for 
always making me laugh and making school 
easier. I would like to thank my family for 
pushing me through and encouraging me to do 
the best. I hope everyone gets where they want 
to get. "What lies behind us and what lies 
before us are tiny matters compared to what 
lies within us." 


Paul McCusker 

Shannon McBain 

Jalen McDonald 

Clayton Maul 

Thanks to Alyssa, Chipper, Jerome, 
Jordan, Peter, Ben, DJ, Austin, JV, Mrs. 
Clark, Mrs. Hunt, Mr. Pearsall, Madame, 
Papa Jim, Grandma Bonnie, Grandma 
Terry, Papa Tom, Mary, Big Cat, and 
thanks to my family. Mom, Dad, and 

Go Golf Team 
Go Tribe 

Alyssa McCracken 

To my family, who has been there every step 
of the way, to Clayton Maul, I've "Had a good 
day" every day since we met, to all of my 
friends and the memories we have made, to 
Lauren Gallagher and Ceara Tavares and all of 
our fun adventures in Midge, and to my cross 
country sisters, thank you. The past four years 
have been amazing, and they wouldn't have 
been nearly as great without all of you! Best of 
luck to SHS class of 20 1 2! 



Jennifer McDonald 

You are where you are because of your 
mistakes and your accomplishments, and I can 
happily say I am proud of where I am. To my 
Mom, you have always been there for me to 
pull me back up when I fall down. To my Dad, 
without your footprint to follow 1 would have 
gotten lost in the snow. To my brother, you are 
my best friend. Always remember that. 
Madeleine Reynolds, if nothing is true, lASPFFY. 
Evan, my second brother and best friend, 9 
hour ER, trips to VT, great memories. Good luck 
fellow classmates in everything you do! 


Thank you to my family, teachers and my 
best friends; Amelia, Taylor, Rachel, Liv, 
Julia, Sydney, Tara, Steph, Hannah, 
Mikaela and Courtney. Good luck 20 1 2. 

Connor McNamara 

"My attitude is that if you push me towards 
something that you think is a weakness, 
then I will turn that perceived weakness 
into a strength." - Michael Jordan 
I would like to thank my family and friends 
that have helped me throughout these 
ridiculous four years at Sandwich High 
School. The Cube, Casper, whatev blev. 

Diana McMahon 

When It comes down to it, being grown up 
isn't half as fun as growing up. Thank you to 
my mom, my dad, and my sisters for being 
there for me and helping me along the way. 
Tony & Sherri: you made me look forward to 
come back to school: swim girls/boys: the 
meets, bus trips, pasta dinners, ferry rides, or 
Panera; you made me who I am today. I'll 
never forget the life-long friends and all the 
memories! It's been an honor class of 2012: 
take pride in how far you have come & have 
faith in how far you can go! 

My first day In Sandwich. I joined football. There, I 
learned the greatest lessons of my life thus far - 
Loyalty, Character, Strength -the traits of the best 
friends I will ever have. Tony Tully, My Best Friend, 
and his crazy Halloween parties. Andy Howells 
whooping me in Madden. Memories I will cherish 
forever. Miller, pasta D's, conversations deep into the 
night, my coaches - Go D-Line! Love you Dad. 
Dating Tatiana, endless hills, interception, 
sleepovers, bowling, sock game, NHL 12. I love my 
mom more than anyone. Georgia, you're always on 
my mind, but Sandwich you'll always be in my heart. 

Thomas Mello 

Ty McGrath 

Ashley McElhinney 

/'Don't aim for success if you want it; just 
^ do what you love and believe in, and it 
'i Iwill come naturally." Thank you to my 
parents. Shannon, Nicole, Tara- I couldn't 
have done it without you. Danielle 
. #teammeatballs and Haggs you'll always 
be my girl. "Wherever you go, go with all 
jL^our heart"- good luck everyone! 

Matthew McGee 

"So close no matter how far 
Couldn't be much more from the heart 
Forever trust in who we are 
And nothing else matters" 


Rachel Minghella 



Dennis Mills Jr. 

First, I would like to thank my parents for being there 
for me, and my teachers for motivating me to pass 
and get through high school. I will always remember 
the good times that I've had here with the students 
and teachers. These were the best years of my life. I 
look at the end of senior year as a new beginning 
not an end: we're all going to progress from this 
point in one way or another. 

"Enjoy the best things in your life cause you don't 
get to live it twice." - Mac Miller. 

Alexis Molina 

miss you all. <3 

Sean Moore 

Molly Morris 

" The past is behind, learn from it 
The future is ahead, prepare for it 
The present is here, so live it." 

Thanks to my friends and family who 
have enhanced my four years at 
Sandwich High School while they lasted. 

Jessica Meyer 

These years have definitely flown by like everyone 
said they would but never did we believe them until 
now, I would like to thank my parents, for their 
guidance through the years and, Mike, Thanks to my 
field hockey girls, we have gotten so close, every 
year a great experience. And finally thanks to all my 
friends that were kept we too have gotten so close 
and shared many good times. "Our memories of the 
times will linger, long after our footprints in the sand 
are gone"- Unknown. Good Luck Class of 201 2! 



Catherine Morrison 

.0 here comes my cheesy "best four years of 
ny life" statement, but not quite. High school 
v/as filled with the highest highs, and the 
Dwest lows, and more struggle than I could 
lave ever imagined. I made it, and no one 
ould ever break me. I owe my survival of high 
ichool to my parents, Alexis... muh dude, my 
irohiemians, and the many others who had 
tood by me through it all. We're crazy, wild, 
nd free & this is it. 

Liam Naples 

rime is a virtue. It can be made like the future 
)r stored like the past, with every intention to 
3ass like a flash. It can never be undone but 
3nly reminisced, with plans ahead the 
nemories will always be missed. Friends 
0 nade then, all will be remembered, waiting for 
;hange once again next September. A great 
isted fay the first many look new but when it 
:omes down to it, time only flew. 

Tm up before the world, I can sleep when I'm 
dead." - OCD 
|A/a Alaikum Salaam 

Over the past four years high school football has 
really impacted my life. It's more than a game: it 
taught me that hard work truly pays off. The lessons 
I learned playing this sport made me who I am 
today. Above all, the experiences I had with my 
teammates, along with anybody from football 
community, were simply amazing. I will never forget 
you. Thank you Mom, Dad and my entire family for 
raising me the way you did. If I were to do it again: I 
wouldn't change a thing. 

Quinn Murphy 

"Nothing's gonna' stop us now: growing up 
won't bring us down". Thank you to Mom, 
Dad, and Max for being the most amazing and 
dysfunctional family I know. To my Twin Acres 
ladies (...and Ian): holler!, K(TC)2, Friday Night 
Bonding , and the concert-goers. To all of my 
friends and family, thank you for laughing with 
me as much as I laugh at myself. 
Congratulations class of 201 2! 

Lucas Mullin 

Olivia Nelson Rachel Noonan 

"Live the life you've dreamed." - Henry David 
Thoreau. To my parents, thank you both so 
much for the love, support, advice, and weekly 
trips to Twin Acres, Sabrina, keep on staying 
true to your beautiful self; I will always believe 
in you. Thank you, Ali and Emma, for the 
laughs. To my teachers, especially Mrs. Carlyle 
and Mr. Schermerhorn, thank you for 
encouraging and believing in me. To the rest 
of my family and friends, you have helped me 
to become the person I am today, and I will 
always be grateful. Congratulations, Class of 
2012 ! 

"Who knows where life will take you, the 
road is long and in the end the journey is 
the destination," Thank you Leah, 
Danielle, Mom & Dad- and to all my 
friends for the unforgettable times, Kati 
Meg Goonies Bren Cody Shawn, It has 
been an indescribable 4 years. I wish the 
best to all of you. "Just think, you could be 
a big part of someone else's life and not 
know it." 


Timothy O'Brien 

Megan O'Connell 

Reilly O'Connell 

A journey of a thousand nniles begins with a single 
step Beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad, 
but It's what you do in between that counts the 
most. So toast to the young and the reckless, no 
drama like the young and the restless. We've come 
so far and we're finally on our way, so now it's time 
to celebrate. Cause we're moving on and we can't 
slow down. We laid a lot of memories down, like 
tattoos on this town. It's been real Sandwich. 

Jacqueline O'Connor 

Caitlyn O'Conor 

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop 
and look around every once in a while, 
you could miss it." 

I just want to say thanks to Mom, Lacy, 
and all my friends for supporting me for 
the past four years. I couldn't have done 
this without you guys! 

Good luck class of 20 1 2! We did it. 

Living here and appreciating all everyone has done 
for me is something I will never go a day without 
thinking about. Mom, Dad, Kay Kay and Matthew, 
you have been the backbone of my success and you 
will never leave my side, I love you so much, and 
thank you. My closest friends and teammates, you 
mean the world to me. I could have never survived 
this journey without you. And finally good luck to all 
my classmates, and always remember, especially in 
the toughest times. "Don't take life too seriously, you'll 
never get out alive." 

Katherine Oliver 

Anyone can give up: it's the easiest thing ir 
the world to do. But to hold it together when 
everyone else would fall apart, that's true 
strength. The greatest pleasure in life is doinc 
what people say you cannot do. Sometime; < 
you have to stand alone to prove that you car ( 
still stand. You meet some people that stici i 
with you through thick and thin, some weave ' 
their way through your life and disappea 
forever. But every once in awhile someone 
comes along who earns a permanent spot ir t 
your heart. Thank you Mom, Dad, Mrs. Hite 
Erika and Rachel. 

Robert Papapietro 

Abigail Patterson 

Mara Payne 







The will to win means nothing without the will to 
repare." We've spent four years preparing for the 
® jture, so let us succeed! I'll always remember my 
^ xperiences at SHS. I'd like to thank my Mom, Dad, 
ty sister Maria and my brother Joey for supporting 
te in everything I have done. I'd also like to thank 
ly coach Stephen Infascelli, former band director 
ames Thomas, and ail my friends from the cross 
ountry team, the track teams, the underwater 
bekey team, and the jazz band. I'll always 
member the times we shared! Best of luck Class of 
2 ! 

"One might come across a number of friends in their 
life, but there are a few who will be there during 
your ups and downs." Molly C, Molly M, Carli T, 
Sarah H- so grateful to call you my best friends. 
Thank you for being there for me. I know you all will 
go far! To all my cheerieading girls, an awesome and 
fun four years, truly honored to have had such an 
amazing team! Mom, Dad, Haley, Cory- thanks for 
your support, I love you guys! Good luck class of 
'1 2!!! "Chase your dreams but always know the road 
that'll lead you home again." 

Sarah Perras 

Alyssa Perry 

"Great moments. are born from great 
opportunity.. .this is our time, now go out there and 
take it!" Colleen: you are my very first best friend and 
I don't know what I would do without you, we're 
truly sisters at heart. To all of my friends you have 
made the past four years unforgettable; and I 
wouldn't change a thing about it. Dad, Mom. Kelsey, 
and the Boys thank you for being there for me no 
matter what. To everyone else, the only thing left to 
say is thank you! Good luck class of 2012, keep it 

Spencer Pietryka 

itimg ? these past four years at Sandwich High have 
irwt'9'Heen crazy. Thank you to my friends that 
fs tfUflstuck with me through everything. Thank you 
isdonS ;o my mom and dad. And thank you Marylou's 
reTHbr consuming all my spare time. These years 
vBucarj'lew by. Disney movies, concerts, and all- 
s’, stiSnighters. My days at SHS have been full of 
■ wea^ighs and lows, but I'm learning from my 
;3p:aa mistakes and moving on. "Put the good times 
oineofK ri your pocket: let the bad ones make you 
spoif strong, and keep chugging along." Peace out 
(S HiieSHS. It's been real. 

I will cherish the tinnes I had in High 
School. Looking back, this place was kind 
of ...juicy. I met a lot of great people who 
shaped me to be the person I am today. 
For that I am grateful. Thanks for the 
memories and I wish the class of 20 1 2 all 
the best in life. 


Madeleine Reynolds 

I think that I might be someone different if not for 
my family. Mom, you have always found a way to 
make me smile. Your advice is invaluable. Dad, I will 
always remember long car rides to soccer games in 
places I can't even recall the names of. Thank you 
for cheering me on no matter what I choose to 
pursue. To my sister, you are brave. Stay that way. 
Thank you to my wonderful friends. Paul McCusker, I 
see your face and know I made it home. Good luck. 
Class of 2012. Saint A's! "We've got it all figured 
out for now: so let us live our lives without a doubt." 

Jennifer Pratka 

David Regan 

"So many people walk around with a meaningless 
life. They seem half-asleep, even when they're busy 
doing things they think are important. This is 
because they're chasing the wrong things. The way 
you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself 
to loving others, devote yourself to your community 
around you, and devote yourself to creating 
something that gives you purpose and meaning." 
-Morrie Schwartz 

Profit from the mistakes of others. You - 
can't possibly live long enough to make m 
them all yourself. And we have all made ife 
our fair share of mistakes in the last four 
years. Sir. 



Jamieson Richards 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Casey, and Maddie, 
love you all. Thanks to Ozzy, Luna, Elmo, 
and my favorite, Oscare. Thanks to 
everyone else. 

"Had a lot of moments that didn't last 
forever, now you're in the corner tryin' to 
put It together - how to love." 

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop an 
look around once in a while, you could miss it 
Can't believe it's already over. Thanks to Mor 
and Dad, I'd be nowhere without you. Joh 
and Jess, thanks for always showing me th 
way. Love you guys. Lots of good times ov« 
the past 4 years., hockey team, baseba 
freshman soccer, B's winning the cup. Dean 
Liam, Brad, Ben, Caldeira... thanks for tf 
memories, Leah, thanks for everything, you 
always be the one. #12, forever in my hea 
Good luck class of ' 1 2, I'll miss you all. 

Joseph Robertson 


Nathaniel Russell 

Robert Ruth 

Mark Santosuosso 

'Freshman year, I didn't want to come; Senior year, I 

Wherever you go, 
go with all of your heart 

mi'M never want to leave. International Studies made me 
I0ki*more confident. Philosophy Club opened my mind. 
Galvin's theater class pushed me out of my 

_;4'Ms. Galvin's theater class pushed me out of my 
iShell. Ms. Gayton's freshman English showed me 
. .perfection's overrated. Madame Schmidt showed 

^ fl 

me the world through French. Thanks to all the 
upperclassmen from my freshman year, my 
I classmates and all the underclassmen of my senior 
ji ' I year, everyone has impacted me at one point. My 

ig.val ma n life motto: "Understand and Overwhelm", once 
iiy[,jl|l understood a situation or concept, I overwhelmed 

others, and myself, with what I've learned 

. YjT.Life is what we make it, always has been. So I can write anything here and they 

mai.iialways will be. I'd like to first thank my have to put it in the yearbook? 

rnaj.'t family for always being there for me. Dad, 

1 foil' Mom, and my brother Eric. To my friends, 

■ I never could have done it without you, ZF 
; PM ML JL ES NB. Like I always say "Just 
do It." 

Kurt Robinson 

John Rudowski 

S' V # 

■ f". • 

4 ‘- 

Samer Sholi 

Desirae Silva 

Good luck, everybody! Have fun. 

Thanks to my family and friends for everything. 

Samuel Scott 

Shelby Scott 

Tatiana Shewchuk 

"Nothing changes but the faces, the names, and the ■ i. 
trends, high school never ends" - Bowling for Soup I 
I'm surprised to say I've actually had some great j ^ 
memories these past four years. I'll never forget all ; .. 
the game and bowling nights I had with my friends, i . 
the fires in my backyard, the amazing vacations I 
took with my parents, and the new outlook on life I 
acquired from dating my best friend Ty. I would like 
to thank my parents for letting me take advantage of ^ 
all the opportunities that were given to me. . 

"You're gonna miss this you're gonna want this 
back you're gonna wish these days hadn't 
gone by so fast. These are some good times 
so take a good look around, you may not know 
It now but you're gonna miss this." I would like 
to thank my Mom, Dad. my brother Johnny. 
Shannon McBain, and Maranda Fernald, I 
couldn't have done it without you guys. I 
would also like to thank James Doleman for 
always being there, you are my best friend. 

Elizabeth Simkins 


Anastasia Sivco 

Never thought i would actually write this! Mom, Dad, 
and Andrew, thanks for the constant support & 
entertainment, Tory and Cassie, I am so lucky to 
have you two as my best friends and sisters: thanks 
for understanding my life better than I do. To all my 
amazing friends, thanks for planning everything and 
letting me show up late. Cross country girls, I cannot 
thank you ladies enough for all the great memories 
& endless runs. Smile, be happy, and keep it classy 
everyonel See you all at the beach :) 

Kayla Souza 

"If you don't know where you are going, 
any road will get you there." 

When everyone said these years would 
go by fast, they weren't kidding. Thank 
,you to all my friends, teachers, coaches, 
'and most importantly my family for 
making me the person who I am today. I 
wish the class of 201 2 the best of luck! 

John Slowey 

What a long, strange trip it's been. 

Katelynn Smith 

Thank you to my family, mom, dad, Heidi, Danielle, 
Tab and Kyle, Friends, I will miss you. Epic lunches 
with Bryan. Being teased by Brad, John, Bryan and 
Tyler. Tyler, you're always at my house. But don't 
worry, it's cool. Riley Barrows. Thank you for all the 
advice. We are no strangers to love. You know the 
rules and so do 1. I'm never gonna give you up, never 
gonna let you down. If Barbie is so popular, why do 
you have to buy her friends? Goodbye Sandwich 
High School! 

Tyler Spain 

Jeanne Speroni 

Nicholas St. Pierre 

Patrick Steemson 

Zachary Sprague 

Samuel Stella 

Samantha Strauss 

Joseph Sullivan 

Myles Sykes 

Carli Tallia 

"Life is too short to wake up in the morning with 
regrets. So. love people who treat you right, forgive 
the ones who don't, and believe that everything 
happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it 
changes your life, let it. Nobody said it'd be easy, 
they just promised it'd be worth it." 

To everyone that has been there for me in the past 
four years, especially Mom, Dad, Mike, thank you. To 
my friends and those I have spent these years with 
you have definitely made it worth while, I love you 
all! "The only people who truly know your story are 
the ones that helped you write it." 

Good luck class of 20 1 2 I 

Ceara Tavares 

To all of the amazing people vyho have 
molded me; Mom & Dad thank you for 
supporting me in all that I do, I have excelled 
because of you. Erica & Adria, you have 
lighted the way, thanks for being my beautiful 
role models. To my exceptional friends, the 
laughs could go on forever! Lauren & Alyssa, 
thank you for letting me be me, love you girls. 
To Kyle, you have shown me what love can be, 
and I will never let go. Take life as it comes to 
you, make each day count. Good luck class of 
2012 ! 


Good times! Shout-outs to Grady B., Sam 
S., Robbie P., Jack E., Matt D., Chris B., 
Max D., and especially Eva G. 

Without deviation from the norm, 
progress is not possible. - Frank Zappa 

Brian Sullivan 

Fair enough. 

Jennie Taddia 

Sydney Tedford 

These past four years flew by so fast, it 
was definitely an adventure and a 
learning experience. I'm thankful for all of 
those who have helped me and stood by 
my side through the good and the bad. I 
wish you all luck in whatever you may do 
in your lives. 

" It's been real, it's been fun, but it hasn't 
been real fun". 

Margaret Titcomb 

Kayla Thierwechter 

Thank you to my mom and dad for always pushing me to do 
my best in everything I've done and for always being there. 
Brian, for always making me laugh and the time we've spent 
traveling together. Grandma, for always believing in me and 
supporting me. My friends, thank you for the love, laughs 
and memories over the last four years. To my classmates, 
follow your dreams and don't ever give up. you can achieve 
anything you want to achieve "I hope the days come easy 
and the moments pass slow and each road leads you where 
you wanna go." Class of 2012. good lucki 

Rebecca Tompkins 

Mom. thank you so much for everything: reading all of my 
papers and always being there for me. Nana and Aunt Jo 
Jo. thanks for all the rides. Good times with the homeroom 
powwow: Stephanie. Gretchen, Erica, Ashley. Olivia and 
Emma, and thanks to Mrs. Meara for putting up with us. To 
Mrs Lindholm and marathon KTC rehearsals, Sandwich 
Soul, Field Hockey, Spring Track, never ending Destination 
Imagination, and theater class - it was awesome. A big 
thank you to Mr. Schermerhorn, Mrs. Martin, Mr. Gilmore. 
Mr Franke and all my amazing teachers Blue Knight Pride. 
Please turn trivia on. 

Rachel Thomas 

Eddie Topcu 

Living is easy with eyes closed. 


Mikhaela Tropp 

Anthony Tully 

"I may not have gone where I intended to 
go, but I think I have ended up where I 
needed to be." 

High school football made a huge 
difference in my life. The ups and downs 
of the game taught me a lot. The times I 
had with my friends and teammates were 
awesome and I'll never forget them. 
During my high school years, I learned 
who I was, who I am, and who I want to 
be. I just want to thank my mom and dad 
for bringing me up the way they did. 

Kyle Van Cleef 

Shauna Wahle 

Zachary Vaughn 

"Seek peace, and pursue it." - Psalms 34; 14. 
Thank you SHS for all the memories, 
friendships, inspirations, and countless laughs. 
Mom, Dad, you are the most incredible people 
I know, thank you. Christina, Broseph, Nea & 
Cathryn-you are everything to me, I love you 
forever. To my wonderful friends, I am so lucky 
to have met you. love you more than all the 
stars in the sky. Class of '12, it's been a 
beautiful ride. Now let's go change lives. "Hold 
your own, know your name, and go your own 
way, and everything will be fine" 

Thank You, John for getting me into 
college, I Love You. Ceara! Thanks to Big 
Cat and Mary for everything! 
ALLISOOOONl! Hope you enjoyed the 
food Clayton! Next year won't be the same 
in net Dave. Gonna miss soccer at the 
fields and New Bedford with Dino, Petey, 
KG. Benny, Rome, Larson, and Aussie. 
Lincoln here we come! I Love You, Ceara! 

Rachel Walker 

Rose Wallace 

Cory Warren 

James Thomas- for teaching me how to be a 
musician: introducing me to everything from Toshiko 
Akiyoshi to William Byrd; playing and supporting my 
compositions: preparing me for countless auditions: 
running jazz band. Laurie Uguccioni, Kristian 
Baverstam, various other mentors and family 
members- for their tremendous help, lessons, and 
inspiration. Don Franke- for being a true teacher, 
your work with International Studies, and opening 
my eyes to the world. Be passionate, create 
something beautiful, travel, drink tea, vote 

Abigail Weber 

Ashley Whelan 

"Nobody said it was easy. No one ever said it would 
be so hard," and yet it was. My growth here has 
transcended any expectation I had prior to freshman 
year I owe this credit to many, but acknowledge 
you: my friends, without whom I would not have lost 
myself: my family, without whom I would not have 
found myself: and my teachers, without whom I 
would not have reached. Thank you for all the 
opportunities you offered, all the knowledge you 
imparted. I hope you seize the day, viva la vida, and 
above all, have a great day! "I'm going back to the 

Liam White 

I hope your dreams take you... to the 
corners of your smiles, to the highest of 
your hopes, to the windows of your 
opportunities, and to the most special 
places your heart has ever known. 


Emily Wojnar 

Andrew Wolf 

David Wolf 

"A positive attitude may not solve all your 
problems, but it will annoy enough people 
to make it worth the effort." 

“When the funds are low the debts are high. And 
you want to smile but you have to sigh, When care 
is pressing you down a bit. Rest if you must, but 
don't you quit. 

And many a failure turns about 

When he might have won had he stuck it out. 

Success is failure turned inside out— 

The silver tint of the clouds of doubt. 

So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit— 

It's when things seem worst that you must not quit" 
-Edgar A. Guest 


2 0 12 

Best Boy Girl Buddies 
John Slowey & Lizzie Simkins 

Best Dressed 

Kylie Malloy & Trey Kamb 

Best Boy Buddies 
Sam Hennessy & Dylan Allen 

Best Girl Buddies 
Sam Hagenstein & Shauna Wahle 

Best Eyes 

Brianna Bourque & Tim Corsini 

Class Couple ■ 

Allison Lizotte & John Cannavd 

Best Smile 

Cody Leary & Abby Patterson 

Best Hair 

Rose Wallace & Ryan George 








Meg Harden & Chris Burns 

Next Millionaire 
Erica Corbiere & Ben Ganley 

Most School Spirit 
Shannon Beloin & Cory Warren 

Most Dependable 
Jake Macone & Grace Barter 

Most Likely to be President 
Molly Morris & Kellen Comer 

Likely to be Late for Graduation 
Courtney Langford & John Slowey 

Most Gullible 

Austin Haygood & Abby Garrahan 

Best Laugh 

Carli Tallia & Joey Robertson 

Next Movie Star 
Liv Christian & Max Drake 

Best All-Around Personality 
Tom Cundiff & Colleen Lyons 

Most Talkative 

Brendan LeVangie & Teele Currier 

Best Car 

Tony Tully & Elizabeth Doleman 

Worst Driver 

Dave Allen & Alyssa Anderson 

Best Dancer 

Ciara Barrigas & Kurt Robinson 

Best Driver 

Lindsey Baker & Jake Crosby 

Most Musical 
Grady Bergin 

Gym Class Hero 

Tom DeCoste & Kristen Levesque 

Best Vocalist 

Joe Sullivan & Jess Curran 

Most Artistic 

Matt Dorado & Rose Wallace 

Most Dramatic 
Kati Oliver & Liam White 


McBain & Mike Lerch 



Illuminate the Night 

2011 I 



EKhI^H - ' 

Bf <mMm^ 

^ ffi^m ■- 

WW^>. ^ang^W^ffiraR 

« 4 wR9^^^kF]^-|^9 

Bw 1 lr«i>«* V 

CT t?srf\trall^mBM 

\ ii'^H HHjl^^^lHb Hs^HuS 




RV ilii^ll 




> ^am 


BTk ift-. .-^T ~ 

n>^ s iL A ^ ‘B 



^KV. ^ 

' iLf^..^Li<c=^-aBJU 


i A^Lf 1 



%S^L 1 

ic. *'i^W 

DK '-^ 

■b^ fV <' ' ^^^■npiKwM 

^^^Hr~> J|5 ^ 


V <v 

ft r»^«g 

y u fE 


IP ^ H 


Pr ' fljy 

Shannon Beloin, Krista Brown, Alyssa Buttrick, 
Ashley Chace, Erica Corbiere, Stephanie Esmond, 
Gretchen Hanson, Allison Lizotte, Rachel Thomas 
Coach: C. Dumas 


Seniors 36 

C. Alexander, C. Andreotti, S. Andrews, S. Balkam, B. Bazinet, E. Bestford, 

E. Brickley, R. Brown, M. Burke, E. Cahill, H. Case, M. Casino, J. Collins, C. Cooney, 
C. Costello, A. Cox, C. Creedon, S. Deane, K. Dolan, L Duerr,M. Eccleston, C. Felicetti, 
K. Flynn, T. Gaffney, K. Garrison, E. Gengreau, R. German, G. Goodfellow, K. Harty, 
W. Hazard, J. Higgins, J. Hoadley, K. Hogan, E. Hurley, M. Johnston, K. Kaufmann, 
B. Kearney, S. Lake, C. Laughlin, K. Lawrence, S. Lowry, H. MacDonald, 0. Macleod, 
S. Mandy, L McCauley, S. McGee, K. McKenna, S. Miller, M. Morrisey, S. Murphy, 
L Noonan, K. Owen, M. Palmer, K. Philpott, M. Raucci, A. Raymond, E. Reardon, 

M. Rose, A. Seale, J. Siranosian, S. Smith, A. Solari, J. Sullivan, C. Sutton, M. Swift, 

J. Tatelbaum,K. Towey, M. Travers, D. Traynor, K. Van Cleef, K. Whicher, E. White, 
M. Woodell, T. Wojnar, A. Wright, Coaches: H. Daniels-Koch, E. Denmark, J. Ganley, 

K. Wright 


Class of 2012 

When they told us the years were going to fly by we never quite realized that 
it was actually true. We all entered Sandwich High School timid, nervous, and 
unsure of what the future held, but we leave confident, excited, and nostalgic of 
our high school experiences. Over the four years we have gotten to know each and 
every person through class time, passing each other in the halls, or during outside 
school events. Even if we don’t remember every important detail from the morning 
announcements or the quotes on every canal cup poster, we will remember the 
special moments we all got to share together over these years. 

We hope as your class officers we were able to make your journey that much 
more enjoyable. With every fundraising event or school dance, we owe all of our 
success to you. Without every member of the class of 2012 we never would have 
had so many accomplishments as a class. We would also like to thank our class 
advisors, Ms. Hunt and Mr. Dumas. The two of you have helped us every step of 
the way and donated so much of your time to helping us achieve such greatness. 
We are honored to have worked with such fantastic people during our time here. 

As we go our separate ways we take a little piece of each other into our new 
lives. We will all follow our own paths into the future but we can always look back 
to the wonderful memories we shared. We wish luck to every member of our class 
as we take the next step into our lives. Sandwich High School is just our beginning 
but it was a great way to start off our triumphant lives to come. 

Thank you to everyone who has helped us through this ride, we could not 
have done it without you! Good luck Class of 2012! 

Alexandra Caggiano, Molly Morris, Liv Christian, 

Kit Archambeault & Cole Cataneo-Ryan 


To the Class of 2012: 

It feels like only yesterday that you were dancing around as buttercups in your freshman pep 
rally skit, and now you are about to graduate. Where did the time go? Over the past four 
years we’ve seen you grow from timid freshmen into mature young adults, ready to take on the 
world. As your class advisors, we have had the privilege of sharing many memories with you. 
Who can forget how you “illuminated” the night at prom, or how so many of you came 
together to produce a memorable senior skit at pep rally this year. We are so proud of the 
progress that each and every one of you has made. You’ve accomplished so much during your 
time here at SHS, and we will miss you dearly when you leave. In the words of Lee Ann 


I hope you never lose your sense of wonder 
You get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger 
May you never take one single breath for granted 
God forbid love ever leave you empty handed 
I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean 
Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens 
Promise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance 
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance. . .1 hope you dance. 

I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance 
Never settle for the path of least resistance 
Living might mean taking chances, but they're worth taking 
Loving might be a mistake, but it's worth making. 

When you come close to selling out, reconsider 
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance. . . 

I hope you dance. 

Class of 2012, may you always dance. Congratulations to all of you! 

We are so proud of you! 

Best of luck, 

Ms. Hunt and Mr. Dumas 






504 x3 





201 1-2012 



114 , 



G. Amao, J. Amao, P. Boudrow, J. Bousfield, 

S. Cook, C. Crowley, C. Cullen, J. Ganley, K. Grady, 

K. Hein (Captain), A. Howells, P. Kane, J. Kangas, 

L. Mahoney, N. Manning, J. McDonald, T. McGrath, 

B. Millham, J. Millham, J. Molina, L. Mullin, 

M. Mullin, J. Norton, C. O’Brien, M. Petersen, 

C. Russell, T. Sullivan, N. Tierney, C. Travassos, 

T. Tully (Captain), L. Utmost, Z. Wagner, D. Whittle 

Coaches: Bill Luette, Chris Dintino, Paul Bentley, 
Mike Duarte, Mike Miller, Dan Smith, Chris Luette, 
Tom DeCoste (Student Assistant Coach) 



Kianna Bowe, Julie Collins, Shannon Crocker, Victoria 
Daley, Sarah Deane, Michelle Deluca, Meghan Durant, 
Diana Evans, Maranda Femald (captain), Juliana 
Friedman, Mary Grundman (captain), Haley Hatfield, 
Jaclyn Higgins, Kelsey Hoffner, Bella Junqueira, Kayla 
Kaufmann, Emma Lazarescu, Brianna Lohr (captain), 
Emma Masson (captain), Madison Palmer, Abby 
Patterson, Kelsey Philpott, Madeline Rose, Michaela 
Woodell Coach: Colette Lohr 

Boys XC 

Dave Allen (captain), Noah Bourdon, 
Danny Branco (captain), Jamie 
Bryant, Bryan Chambers, Henry 
Daniels-Koch, Peter Davis, Evan 
Denmark, Harrington Drake, Paul 
Gannett (captain), Connor Guerin, 
James Hemingway, Shon Koren, 
Andrew Lefavor, Reed Maxim, Ian 
McCartney, Robbie Pappapietro 
(captain), Nick Polidor, Dave Regan 
(captain), James Silverman, Jacob 
Stark, Zach Stark, Alex Vrountas, 
Trevor Wack, Ian Wallace, James 
Wegman, Kyle Whaples 


Steve Infascelli 

Girls Cross Countnj 

C. Andreotti, L. Baker, G. Barter (captain), B. Bazinet, S. Beloin, E. Bestford, R. Brown, 
A. Caggiano, E. Cahill, L. Chicco, D. Coleman, A. Cox, N. Daly, E. Dempsy, S. Diemer, 
C. Durieux, K. Eitzgerald, V. Goddard, J. Goins, B. Gomes (captain), H. Gonneville, 

W. Hazard, L. Henderson, L. Jones, M. Kennedy, M. Lalonde, C. Laughlin, S. Lowry, 

K. McCartney, L. McCauley, A. McCracken (captain), E. McEntee, S. McGee, O. Nelson, 
J. O’Gorman, R. Perras, S. Perras, S. Petracca, A. Raymond, L. Reardon, M. Reardon, 

L. Santos, J. Siranosian, S. Sivco (captain), T. Sivco, V. Spink, K. Towey, M. Travers, 

O. Tropp, R. Wallace, A. Whelan, K. White, C. Wick Coach: Michael Lavers 

















Atlantic Coast League Champions 

Field Hockey 

I Sam Anderson, Morgan Casino, Caitlin Cooney, Grace Davis (captain), Courtney 

Diamond, Meagan Eccleston, Juliana Ferguson, Emma Fitzpatrick (captain), Catherine 
Gaudet, Claire Gauthier, Erin Gendreau, Brianna Golden (captain), Abby Hanson, 

< Olivia Howard, Madeline Klimm, Maggie Layo, Daryan Lemire, Jessica Meyer (captain), 
j Olivia Palombo, Katie Payne, Stephanie Smith, Mallory Whelan, Emma White 
( Coach: Kelsy Hammond-Beaton 

Lady Knights Soccer 

L Adams, 

A. Anderson, 

D. Cassista, 

M. Cobb, 

S. Emerson, 

T. Gaffney, 

K. Garrison, 

R. German, 

E. Hurley, 

M. LaRochelle, 
A. Lizotte (Captain) 
J. Lizotte 

C. McKenna, 

K. McKenna, 

M. Morris, 

K. Noonan, 

L. Noonan, 

M. Reynolds (captain) 
L. Simkins, 

A. Solari 
C. Sutton 
E. Wojnar 
T. Wojnar 

Coach: Dave DeConto 

Greg Altimas, Peter Alvarenga, Brendan Carl, Ben Clabault, 
Matt Dahl, Donny Donahue, Dallas Donovan, David Evans, 
Owen Gaffney, Austin Haygood (captain), Dino Heras, 

Matt Larson, Justin Lerch, Matt Mantenfel, Paul McCusker, 
Connor O’Brien, Kurt Robinson, Christian Rossomando, 

Sam Sholi (captain), Zac Sprague, Mike Stergis, Kyle Van Cleef 
Coach: Ted Tedeschi 

Boys Soccer 

Atlantic Coast League Champions 



Undefeated all season... 

M. Bailey, S. Briggs, 

E. Budzynkiewicz, C. Burke, 

B. Campbell, H. Cairns, 

M. Cotter, K. Crossman, 

L. Davidson, E. Ellis (captain), 

C. Felicetti, S. Felicetti, 

|C. Forrester, A. Garrahan, 
jM. Garrahan, E. Glaser, 

^M. Hagist, K. Hurley, 

M. Kielczewski, C. Lazarescu, 
C. Mathis, S. McBain, 

E. McMahon, M. Murphy, 
jC. Murray, R. O’Connell 
(captain),L. Pace, J. Richards, 
jG. Ryan, G. Santry,S. Scott, 

S. Scott, M. Swift, C. Tavares, 

I A. Wright 

Head Coach: Tony Compton 
Assistant Coach: Sherry 

Head Coach: 
Tony Compton 

Assistant Coach: 
Sherry Romanowicz 


Grady Bergin 
Kellen Comer 
Nick Crossman (captain) 
Brian Cundiff 
Tom Cundiff (captain) 
Evan Denmark 
Mike Deptula 
Max Drake 
Evan Foster 
Brian Hann 
Christian Hassler 
Tucker Herndon 
Trey Kamb 
Greg Keating 
AJ Maiuto 
Cole Ryan 
Sam Scott 
Alex Simpson 
Mo Sykes 
Tim Titcomb 
Andrew Wilson 

and diving 

Team Manager: 
Cat Felicetti 





Tom Cundiff 



Nick Crossman 



Indvcr Track . ^ ,, 

ana rield 

D. Allen, B, Barrett, N. Bourdon, A. Bourque, 

D. Branco (C), J. Bninco, J. Bryant, B. Clariniclmel, 

B, C:h.imbcrs,N. Costa. G. Cox.J. C'upples. H, D.miels-Koch, 
C. Demianezyk. W. Diniitres, I’. Gannett, K. Gr.idy, C. Guerin, 
J. Hemiiij^vvay, J. Kangas. .S. Koren, M, Kerch, R. Maxim, 

1. McCartney, A. Millham, L, Mullm (C), M. Mullni, 

B. Murphy, L. Naples, R. Bap.ipietro. 1). Regan (C). 

C. Rezendes.J. Riedel, J. Silvenuan.T. Spain. Z. Starck, 

B. Sullivan, G. Tenney ,T. Waek, I. Wall.iee.J. Weginan, 

I ). White; 

A. Alvarenga, S. Anderson. C. Andreotti. G. Barter (C), 

B. B.azinet, A. Brophy, R. Brown. E. Budzynkiewicz, 

L. Chicco, A. Cox. H. Davies, G. Davis. C. Duneux, C. Dykas, 

E. Ellis (C). M. Fernald, R Gerinan. B Gomes (C). 

H. Gonneville. M. Harmon. 1 . Henderson, 1 . Jones, 

M. Lai onde. C. Laughlm, j. Lizotte, L. McCauley, S. Mcfiee. 
J. O'Gorman, S. I’etracca.K. I’hilpott. A. Rudyakov, S. .Scott. 

S. Sivco. T. Sivco. K. Souza. M. Travers. M. Tropp (C), 

O, Kropp, E. Vitacco, R. Whaples, K. Whicher, A. Wright; 
Coach: Steve Inlascelli 


Boys Basketball 

Pat Brides, Jordan 
DeBettencourt, Joey Downes, 
Gar Esborn, Eric Fogerberg, 
Connor Flannery (captain), 
Jake Ganley, Jason Hendy 
(captain). Matt Larson, 
Hank O'Brien, Kurt Robinson 
(captain), Zac Sprague, 
Jonny Stanton 

Coach: Mike O'Brien 



Lea Adams 

Alyssa Buttrick (captain) 
Kylie Dolan 
Erin Gendreau (captain) 
Julia Goins 

Meaghan Harden (captain) 
Erin Hurley 
Katie McKenna 
Sidney Miller 
Katie Payne 
Jamie Richards 
Ashley Smith 
Julia Sullivan 




84 I 

Coach: Mr. Marty Cosgrove 

Sandwich Blue Knights 


Shahroz Ahmed, Nick Asktrackas, Nick Blackmon, John Cannavo (captain), 
Spencer Cleary, Jack DeCoste, Mike DeCoste, Dominic Deluca, Alex Denmark, 
Cody Hamblin, Jake Healy, Lane Horton, Jeff Ladner, Marc Peterson, Jacob 
Starck, Jacob Sullivan, Patrick Sullivan, Alexander Vrountas (captain), Dave Watt, 
Kevin Wright; Statisticians: Allison Lizotte and Olivia Nelson 

Coach - Jerome Fay 


John Cannavo and Alex Vrountas 

Courtney Alexander (captain), Kit Archambeault, Anna Cole, Caitlin Cooney, 

Katie Flynn (captain), Claire Gauthier, Alex Glynn, Molly Kennedy, Dana Layo, 

Maggie Layo, Kristen Levesque (captain), Katie Lowry, Nicole Martin, Colleen McDonald, 
Ashley McElhinney, Tara McElhinney, Megan O’Connell, Annabelle White 

Head Coach: Stephen Noll # # # 

Assistants: Tyler King, Sam Lawrie, Beth Anderson 






T. Blake, K. Brubaker, D. Buckland, 

N. Buttafuoco, K. Byrne, J. Cassista, 

J. Clancy, J. Glynn, M. Hauck, N. Kennedy, 
M. Kent, B. Maciel, T. Maciel, J. McGrady, 
J. Noonan, D. O’Brien, R. Oldfield, 

C. O’Leary, P. Plummer, J. Robertson, 

S. Sholi,A. Smith, P. Tierney; 

Coach: Jordan Mohre 






Alex Denmarl^, Chris Rums. Nich Duttafuocco, John Cassista , 
John Clancy (captain), Jach Condon, Charlie Cori^enj, Dan Cowich 
(captain), Jahe Cupples, Steve Galinis, ISen Ganley, Meo harden, 
Nate Johnson, Matt Lono, Clayton Maul (captain), Tom McEntee, 
J.P. McGrady, Connor O'Leary, Pat Plummer, Chris Wilson, ISilly 
Woods (captain); Coach: ISrent Pearsall 

Danny Branco, Paul Gannett, Dave Regan 

Mikhaela Tropp, Grace Barter, 
Emma Ellis, Bethany Gomes 

Spring Captains 

Boys Lacrosse Girls Lacrosse 

Liam Naples, Tony Tully Maranda Fernald, Grace Davis 


Eva Golden, Nikki lodice, 
Taylor Marshall 

Boys Track 

Girls Track 



Julia Sullivan, Kayla Souza 

Jason Heyer, Jordan DeBettencourt, 
Jason Hendy 

Spring Captains 

Girls Tennis 

Nicole Gilooly, Brie Campbell, 
Shannon Beloin 

Boys Tennis 

Ben Clabault, Peter Alvarenga 
David Evans 

The Juniors 

President: Alex Vrountas 
Vice President: Evan Denmark 
Secretary: Brian Hann 
Treasurer: Henry Daniels-Koch 
PR Secretary: Kevin Wright 

Advisers: Ms. Dean and Ms. Luck 

Cameron Alexander 
Courtney Alexander 
Jennifer Allen 
Gregory Altimas 
Samantha Anderson 

Cassandra Andreotti 
Stephanie Andrews 
Nicole Austin 
Alexander Baker 
Sarah Balkam 

Jessica Bamaby 
Jason Barrette 
Riley Barrows 
Britney Bazinet 
Joseph Bazinet 

Kelsey Belcher 
Elizabeth Bestford 
Jonathan Blake 
Felicia Blanchard 
Bethany Bonneau 


Andrew Bourque 
Kiana Bowe 
Eve Brickley 
Rachel Brown 
Drew Buckland 

Candice Burke 
Hailey Butler 
Jakob Byrne 
John Byrne 
Nathan Cabral 

Erin Cahill 
Hayli Cairns 
Colin Caristi 
Paxton Caristi 
Mitchell Carolan 

Yao Chen 
Lauren Chicco 
Gabriela Christian 
Alexander Clifford 
Julie Collins 

Hannah Carrita 
Heather Case 
Morghan Casino 
Ryan Catania 
Bryan Chambers 

Kelly Costello 

Mary Connolly 
Stephen Cook 
Caitlin Cooney 
Dillon Corte-Real 


Daniel Cowick 
Amanda Cox 
Claire Creedon 
Scott Crocker 
Emily Crowley 

Jonathan Cubetus 
Cameron Cullotta 
Jacob Cummings 
Leeanne Cummings 
Kyle Currier 

Calvin Cutler 
Brian Daly 
Henry Daniels-Koch 
Sarah Deane 
Michael Decoste 


Michelle Deluca 
Cullan Demianczyk 
Evan Denmark 
Michael Deptula 
Emily Desmarais 

Shane Doherty 
Kylie Dolan 
David Donahue Jr 
Lisa Duerr 
Griffin Dunkley 

Meagan Eccelston 
Garrett Esbom 
Eric Fagerberg 
Riley Faherty 
Catherine Felicetti 


Oliver Fisher 
Sarah Fishman 
Katherine Flynn 
Kylie Foster 
Patrick Fox 

Taryn Gaffney 
Olivia Gagnon 
Madison Gale Laman 
Jacob Ganley 
Kenna Garrison 

Catherine Gaudet 
Erin Gendreau 
Lucas Geoffrion 
Rebecca German 
John Glynn 


Victoria Goddard 
Hilary Gonneville 
Garrett Goodfellow 
Grace Goodfellow 
Paige Goulet 

Connor Guerin 
Allison Guest 
Julia Hamlin 
Brian Hann 
Kasey Harty 

Tyler Havey 
Tyler Hazard 
Whitney Hazard 
Tori Henry 
Jaclyn Higgins 

Jennifer Hoadley 
Kylie Hogan 
Colin Hokanson 
Brody Hollett 
Janelle Hopkins 

Anna Homing 
Brendan Howes 
Erin Hurley 
James Jamilowski 
Nathaniel Johnson 

Morgan Johnston 
Alexi Jones 
Kayla Kaufmann 
Brianna Kearney 
Shawn Keene 


\J hi 


Daniel Kelliher 
Nicholas Kennedy 
Kenneth Kinsella 
Shon Keren 
Adina Lahteine 

Ashley Laird 
Sarah Lake 
Melanie Lalonde 
David Langan 
Sebastian Lanthier 

Brendon Laroeque 
Chelsea Laughlin 
Kelsey Lawrence 
Patrick Lawrence 
Andrew Lefavor 

Rebecca Legere 
Ryan Lewis 
Brianna Lohr 
Nicholas Lorino 
Sarah Lowry 

Christina Murphy 
Christopher Murphy 
Shannon Murphy 
Alexandra Nobile 
Joshua Noonan 

Hannah MacDonald 
Tomas Maciel 
Olivia MacLeod 
Nichole Magnant 
Sarah Mandy 

Alicia Mangelson 
Emily Mann 
Amanda Mark 
Reed Maxim 
Catherine Maxwell 

Alexis McCauley 
Thomas McEntee 
Sarah McGee 
Jonathan McGonagle 
Jake McGrath 

Catherine McKenna 
Megan McMahon 
Rachel Mehmel 
Carly Melillo 
Adam Millham 

Brian Millham 
Joseph Millham 
Jared Morrill 
Michelle Morrissey 
Meghan Mosher 

Leah Noonan 
Christian O'Brien 
Connor O'Brien 
Connor O'Leary 
Ryan Oldfield 

Joshua Olsen 
Katie Owen 
Madison Palmer 
Morgan Pell 
Mariah Pennington 

Haley Ries 
Vinicius Rodrigues 
Adam Roelike 
Ariana Romano 
Kohl Romeiser 

Chadwick Petipas 
Samantha Petracca 

Kelsey Philpott 
Nicholas Polidor 

Marinna Raucci 

Abigail Raymond 
Elizabeth Reardon 

Guinevere Reilly 
Grayson Renfrew 
Graham Ridosh 

Trevor Romeiser 

Madeline Rose 

Gabrielle Ryan 
Aaron Sadosky 
Jeremy Samoluk 



Jennifer Siranosian 
Erin Skala 
Daniel Smallidge 
Anthony Smith 
Ashley Smith 

Stephanie Smith 
Ashley Solari 
Chloe Solomon 
Victoria Spink 
Christopher Sprague 

Zachary Starck 
Terah Strauss 
Jacob Sullivan 
Julia Sullivan 
Timothy Sullivan 

Chelsea Sutton 
Michael Svirsky 
Nicholas Swenson 
Maranda Swift 
Julianne Tatelbaum 

Amanda Seale 
John Semle 
Brett Silva 
James Silverman 
Alexander Simpson 

Kyle Taylor 
Nicole Taylor 
Sergio Tellez 
Daniel Thiesing 
Nicholas Tierney 


Kristen Towey 
Molly Travers 
Danielle Trayner 
Keelie Turgeon 
Kelly Van Cleef 

Amanda Vespermann 
Emma Vitacco 
Alexander Vrountas 
Zackery Wagner 
Ryan Ward 

David Watt 
James Webb 
James Wegman 
Haley Weller 
Kyle Whaples 

Kimberly Whicher 
Daniel White 
Emma White 
David Whittle 
Colleen Wick 

Andrew Wilson 
Theresa Wojnar 
Michaela Woodell 
William Woods 
Brittany Wordsworth 

Alexandra Wright 
Kevin Wright 
Zachary Young 


The Sophomores 

President: Matt Mullin 
Vice President: Mat Corsini 
Secretary: Katie Payne 
Treasurer: Claire Gauthier 
PR Secretary: Tim Titcomb 

Adviser: Ms. Craig 

Kayson Acuna 
Lea Adams 
Shahroz Ahmed 
Katherine Alden 
Cameron Allen 

Michael Allen 
Amanda Alvarenga 
John Amao 
Nicholas Astrauckas 
Brendan Barrett 

John Batta 
Emily Bemardi 
Johnathan Bishop 
Nicholas Blackmon 
Mackenzie Bonaiuto 

Jacqueline Brady 
Jack Branco 
Schuyler Brown 
Caitlin Butchard 
Nicholas Buttafuoco 


Bryan Caldeira 
Tyler Caldeira 
Abigail Cameron 
Savannah Campbell 
Sam Carl 

Brendan Carmichael 
Michael Carr 
Jonathan Cassista 
Kelly Cavanaugh 
Min Chen 

Kevin Colameco 
Anna Cole 
John Condon 
Nathan Corbiere 
Charles Corkery 


Peter Davis 
Lyndsay Davison 
Brenna Demianczyk 
Catherine Dennis 
William Densberger 

Kaitlyn Dewitt 
Caitlin Dolan 
Meghan Dundon 
Meghan Durant 
Hayley Dumo 

Christina Dykas 
Lord Utmost El Jr. 
Samantha Emerson 
Steele Eric 
Jack Faherty 


Julianna Ferguson 
Alexander Fishkind 

Christopher Fitzgerald 
Shayne Fleming 
Timothy Foley 

Amy Ford 
Carly Forrester 
Juliana Friedman 
Deanna Fusco 
Owen Gaffney 

Courtney Gagnon 
Destiny Galloway 
Garrett Garbacik 

Margaret Garrahan 
Claire Gauthier 


Cory Geggatt 
Ashlei Gibbs 
Hailee Gibbs 
Julia Goins 
Kellie Grady 

Kenneth Grady 
Madison Grady 
Sarah Gregory 
Nathaniel Gustafson 
Kasey Hann 

Abigail Hanson 
Madison Harmon 
Christian Harold 
Haley Hatfield 
Maverick Hauck 


Brent Hebb 
Philana Henderson 
Thomas Hines 
Kelsey Hoffner 
Olivia Howard 

Ceara Howell 
Connor Jackimowicz 
Anthony Johnson 
Patrick Kane 
John Kangas 

Gregory Keating 
Katherine Kelly 
Maxwell Kent 
Noah Khazeie 
Noah Khazeie 

Madison Kieiczewski 
Benjamin Klenert 

Madeline Khmm 
Melissa Koudelka 

Michael Kristy 
Jeffrey Ladner 


Jessica Lizotte 
Colin Loftus 
Jacob Lowman 
Benjamin Maciel 
Sarah Maginnis 

Liam Mahoney 
Alexander Malcolm 
Nicholas Manning 
Matthew Martin 
Molly Masson 

Ian McCartney 
Lindsey McCauley 
Michael McCusker 
Joseph McGee 
Joseph McGrady III 

Drew McLellan 
Emily McMahon 
Terence McMahon 
Richard McNabb 
Katherine McNamara 

Madeline Larochelle 
Margaret Layo 
Emma Lazarescu 
Faith Lennox 
Justin Lerch 

Richard Meehan 
Haris Mian 
Heather Miller 
Roman Miskovsky 
Julian Molina 

Savannah Scott 
Matthew Shaw 
Ryan Sheehan 
Victoria Sivco 
Cameron Smith 

Jared Spinella 
Cole Spofford 
John Stanton 
Ryan Sullivan 

Michaela Suriano 
Aaron Swift 
Kylie Tedford 
Glenn Tenney 
Timothy Titcomb 

Cameron Travassos 
Olivia Tropp 
Ellora Trottier 
Jessica Vandrimlen 
Joshua Vaughn 

Trever Wack 
Ian Wallace 
Thomas Walsh 
Katelyn Welch 
Robyn Whaples 

Mallory Whelan 
Catherine Wojnar 
Ben Yogis 


The Freshmen 

President: Alex Denmark 
Vice President: Katherine Dunham 
Secretary: Chris Wilson 
Treasurer: Kelsey White 

Adviser: Ms. Draper 

Genieva Aboltin 
Ceili Ahem 
Ikram Ahmad 
Shelley Alben 
Peter Amaral 

Sarah Archambeault 
Meghan Baker 
Hannah Barrett 
Lily Barter 
Rebecca Bassick 

Molly Bedford 
Lily Belekewicz 
William Bennett 
Nicole Bergeron 
Alyssa Bills 

Marcus Bills 
Gina Boccuzzi 
Amy Bolton 
Joshua Booth 
Zachary Boudrow 


Sierra Donovan 
Joseph Downes 
Joseph Drifmeyer 
Katherine Dunham 
Katelyn Dyer 

Savannah Eastman 
Taylor Eccleston 
Harrison Evans 
Lydia Evans 
Sophia Felicetti 

Benjamin Diefendorf 
William Dimitres 
Donald Donahue 
Daniel Donovan 
Patrick Donovan 

Michelle Female! 
Drew Field 
Kassandra Finlayson 
Kelley Fitzgerald 
Jake Flaherty 

Jordan Foster 
Jennifer Fuhiman 
Michael Fulton 
Sarah Gaffney 
Julia Gagnon 

Lucas Gagnon 
Stephen Galanis 
Delaney Gill 
Hayley Glidden 
Alexandria Glynn 


Marcelle Goldberg 
Jacob Golden 
Zachary Gorrasi 
Alexander Govoni 
Katelyn Govoni 

Samuel Govoni 
Megan Greenhalgh 
John Griffin 
Patrick Griffin 
Brett Grosso 

Mackenzie Hagist 
Madeline Hall 
Chris Hamilton 
Sophia Hannah 
Brooke Hanson 


Abbie Hapenny 
Ryan Havey 
Logan Haygood 
Gerald Hazard III 
Jacob Healy 

James Hemingway 
William Herndon 
Alicia Heyer 
Cedar Hickey 
Allison Hir 

Matthew Hoadley 
B. Hogan 
Carly Hokanson 
Lane Horton 
Katherine Hurley 


Heather Huska 
Kyle Jacob 
Ryan Jamilowski 
Trevor Jeffers 
Lillian Johnson 

Christopher Jones 
Brady Joseph 
Madison Kais 
Shannon Kane 
Haley Kardon 

Kathryn Karolczak 
Kenneth Kaufmann 
Caroline Keil 
Molly Kennedy 
Sebastian Khoroshev 

Cullen Kilduff 
Olivia Klinck 
Matthew Ladner 
Rachel Lake 
Anthony Lambros 

Dante Lambros 
Jessica Langley 
Kendra Lansing 
Abigail LeVangie 
Maggie Levangie 

Matthew Long 
Angela Lorino 
Katherine Lowry 
Oma Lynch 
Amara MacCloud 


Colleen MacDonald 
Emily MacDonald 
Alexander Maiato 
Bailey Maiato 
Connor Mangelson 

Kevin Marsh 
Nicole Martin 
Murphy Matt 
Sean McBain 
Kylie McCartney 

Shaun McCoy 
Tara McElhenney 
Elizabeth McEntee 
Caroline McKenna 
Tyler McMahon 

Charles Miller 
Timothy Milliken 
Justin Morrison 
Shannon Mosher 
Brian Murphy 

Laura Murphy 
Caroline Murray 
Sabrina Nelson 
Alisson Nolan 
Katelyn Noyes 

Cole O'Brien 
Henry O'Brien IV 
Joanna O'Gonnan 
Madison Oakley 
Jacob Olsen 

Alexandra Pace 
Olivia Palombo 
Allison Pannoni 
Cora Parrish 
Rachel Pentoney 

Rachel Perras 
Daniel Perry 
Matthew Peterson 
Victoria Petipas 
John Petty III 

James Pitman 
Casey Powell 
Megan Reardon 
Sean Reardon 
Scott Reels Jr 

Olivia Reilly 
Lydia Rose 
Katelyn Ross 
Preston Rowe 
Hannah Salamone 

Hope Salamone 
Lilly Santos 
Genevieve Santry 
Jesse Satkevich 
Jamie Smith 

Riley Sorenson 
Zach Souza 
Samantha Spink 
Jacob Starck 
William Stergis 


Philecia Strauss 
Christopher Sullivan 
Patrick Sullivan 
Grace Tanguilig 
Morgan Taylor 

Andrew Thomas 
Patrick Tierney 
Raymond Tourville 
Nathan Trottier 
Steven Tully 

Gabriella Uribazo 
Muhammad Waheed 
Rabia Waheed 
Emily Walker 
Blake Waters 

Katherine West 
Annabelle White 
Kelsey White 
Tyler White 
Patrick Wilbur 

Ann Wilson 
Christopher Wilson 
Savannah Wobecky 
Shelly Wolfe 


Joanne Abbott. ESP 
Therese Alcom. Mathematics 
Lindsey Arrimour, Guidance Counselor 
David Aycock, Mathematics 
Nicole Baumgartner, Guidance Counselor 

Matt Brothers, History 
Sheryl Burlingame. Science 
Mike Cardone, Music 
Tara Cardoza, Science 
Laura Carlyle, English 

Christine Carroll, Guidance Counselor 
Christine Clark. DECA 
Annie Cloutier, Science 
Kevin Coakley, Applied Arts 
Anne Coolidge, Business Ed. 

Kathy Coppola, Eoreign Language 
Marty Cosgrove, Athletic Director 
Chelsea Craig, English 
Rachel Cronin, Guidance Secretary 
Kristen Curtis, Art 

Joseph Dawe, History 
Joanne DeConto, Admin Assist. 

Lisa Dovell, ESP 
Tara Draper, Librarian 
Clare Driscoll. Special Ed. 

Kathleen Duffy, Special Ed. 
Chris Dumas, Science 
Elaine Dumas, Special Ed. 
Kirsten Ermi, Mathematics 
Deb Flanigan. ESP 


Dominique Fougere, Mathematics 
Donald Franke, History 
Marci Galvin, English 
Meg Gayton, English 
Breanne Gillespie, English 

Mark Gilmore, Science 
Alexander Grandin, Eoreign Language 
Louis Grimaldi, Mathematics 
Genna Guarcello, History 
Bryan Hafferty, Mathematics 

Kelly Henson, Library ESP 
Owen Hill, Science 
Carolyn Hite, Special Ed. 
Erin Jodoin, English 
Mary Kelly, Technology 

Brenda Kinchla, Secretary 
Deborah Klier, Technology 
Kathleen Kondratowicz, ESP 
Michael Lavers, Science 
Susan Lindholm, Admin. Assist. 

Gary Linehan, History 

Kathy Lucas, Guidance 

Margie Luck, History 

William Luette, Physical Education 

Martha Martin, English 

Susan McDonald, Special Ed. 
Karen McGrath, Technology 
Steve McHugh, Mathematics 
Justine McLoughlin, Science 
Michael McNeill, History 


Melissa Meara. Science 
Pat McDonald, History 
David Neill, Mathematics 
Alison Nelson, Foreign Language 
Gilbert Newton, Science 

Kathy Norton, Speech (No Photo) 
Margaret Nichol, Mathematics 
Diana Parker, Science 
Brent Pearsall, Physical Education 
P, Potter, Foreign Language (No Photo) 
Laura Richards, Special Ed. 

Brett Rigazio, Art 

Marty Russo, English 
Lucinda Savery, Mathematics 
Jan Simpson, History 
Marcia Simpson, Art 
Bud Schermerhom, English 

Susan Schmidt, Foreign Language 
Victoria Schultz, Special Ed. 
Caitlin Shepard, English 
Donald Shewchuk. Special Ed. 
Laurie St. Pierre. Science 

Geraldine Viglas. ESP 
Angela White, Foreign Language 
Kristen Young, Physical Education 

Rich Metropolis 
Assistant Principal 

Elizabeth Haskell 
Assistant Principal 

Candice Hunt 
Class Adviser 


Chris Dumas 
Class Adviser 

School Nurses 

Kathy Grant 
& Elizabeth Dean 

Dear Class of 2012, 

Congratulations on all your impressive accomplishments in the arts, academics, and athletics! Your class will be 
remembered not only for the success of its individual members, but also, and perhaps more importantly, for its 
collective excellence. The members of the Class of 2012 have coalesced into a united and thoughtful group of 
wonderful young people. You will long be remembered and forever appreciated for the stunning commitment 
you made to the underclassmen, and for your exquisite skill in expanding and caretaking the culture of Blue 
Knight Pride! 

The echoes you have created will linger after you cross the stage and accept your well-deserved diplomas. After 
you graduate, as we walk the halls and think about your impact, words such as kind, thoughtful, bright, caring, 
visionary, patient, and curious will resonate. You will be remembered for having the desire to make our school 
an even better place than you found it to be when you arrived, and for having the courage and the cohesiveness to 
initiate positive changes. You showed by your actions and your words that you truly cared about Sandwich High 
School. Under your inspired leadership, FOCUS has become a proud tradition. Members of the Class of 2012 
dedicated hundreds of hours to helping other students through this highly successful tutoring program. The data 
indicates that students thrive when they receive help from their peers. With the Class of 2012 at the helm, our 
award winning senior mentor program was bom. Thanks to the seniors who implemented this program, the 
freshman class has achieved unprecedented success in all areas of academic and social adjustment. 

The Class of 2012 brought to life our core values of performance, respect, integrity, dedication, and excellence. 
Thanks to your daily examples, students throughout the school see our beliefs in action and gamer a greater 
understanding of the academic, social, and civic expectations designed to perpetuate the essence of Blue Knight 

Your versatility is expressed through your artwork and your impressive proficiency in technology. Your 
leadership of Knights Theater Company set a high mark for all clubs and organizations to follow, as did your 
excellence in International Studies. Your athletic accomplishments will be celebrated for years to come as we 
hang new banners to mark your place in Blue Knight history. Yours is a class replete with talented musicians, 
journalists, mathematicians, environmentalists. Eagle Scouts, record setting athletes, and extraordinary leaders. 

Yours is a class replete with students dedicated to scholarship, leadership, character, and service. You have left 
an indelible mark of goodness on the fabric defining the present and shaping the future of Blue Knight Pride. No 
matter where your paths lead, remember, we are here to help and to welcome you back to a place I hope holds 
special memories for you all. Please know how much you mean to the Sandwich High School family, and accept 
the sincere gratitude and appreciation of all of us proud to know you and privileged to serve you. Thank you, and 
take care of one another. 

Ellin Booras 


i -’fpw- f 


ri a- *? ii5 « 

iAi!^ i^4 


B ■ ‘ 



Peer Leadership Team 

D. Allen, P. Alvarenga, S. Andersen, K. Archamheault, A. Barr, Grace Barter, S. Bavelock, B. Bourque, R. Brewster, K. Brown, A. Buttrick, A. Caggiano, J. Cannavo, 

B. Carl, S. Carl, B. Carmichael, D. Cassista, C. Cataneo-Ryan, A. Chace, O. Christian, B. Clabault, M. Cobb, M. Colameco, B. Collins, K. Comer, E. Corbiere, 

K. Crossman, N. Crossman, J. Curran, T. Currier, N. Daly, H. Davies, J. DeBettencourt, S. Deane, K. Dolan, S. Diemer, M. Drake, S. Esmond, E. Fitzpatrick, P. Gannett, 

A. Garrahan, M. Garrahan, K. Gaudet, C. Gauthier, N. Gilooly, E. Glaser, G. Goodfellow, B. Gomes, K. Grady, M. Grundman, S. Haggerty, A. Hanson, S. Hennessy, 

B. Herndon, K. Houlihan, O. Howard, E. Hurley, N. lodice, M. Johnson, M. LaLonde, C. Laughlin, D. Layo, D. Lemire, J. Leonardi, M. Lerch, C. Lofttus, A. Lizotte, 

C. Lyons, J . MacLeod, J. Macone, T. Marshall, R. Maxim, A. McCracken, J. McDonald, M. McGee, S. McGee, J. McGonagle, C. McNamara, Q. Murphy, O. Nelson, 

K. Payne, A. Perry, S. Petracca, S. Reynolds, G. Ryan, J. Silverman, J. Siranosian, S. Sivco, J. Sullivan, A. Vrountas, R. Wallace, A. Solari, C. Sutton, K. Whicher, 

S. Perras, M. Klimm, R. German, C. Felicetti, M. Swift, V. Goddard, K. Lawrence, M. Travers, J. Goins, T. Sivco, M. LaRochelle, M. Reynolds, C. Dennis, L. McCauley, 

C. Dykas, A. Alvarenga, M. Layo, K. Towey, A. Nobile, S. Lowry, T. Wojnar, C. Guerin, H. MacDonald, N. Polidor, S. Smith, S Wahle, M. Casino, E. Gendreau, E. White, 

T. Gaffney, C. Wick, K. McKenna, M. Cotter, C Andriotti, J. Ferguson, S. Emerson, A. Reynolds, S. Sholi, M. Corsini, A. Seale, M. Mullen, B. Daly, T. Titcomb, A. Ford, 

L. Adams, C. O'Brien, J. Cassista, JP McGrady, C. Hokanson, M. Palmer, A. Mangelson, K. Van Cleef, K. Levesque, J. Collins, M. Eccelston, J. Tattlebaum, N. Buttfuoco, 

C. Tavares, K. Van Cleef, J. Stanton, M. Martin, 0. Gaffney, C. Rezendez 

Senier Neuters 

7 . Barter, B. Bourke, R. Brewster, D. Cassista, N. Crossman, T. Cundijf, T. Currier, S. Diemer, 

S. Hagenstein, N. lodice, A. Lizotte, C. Lyons, J. Macone, T. Marshall, Q. Murphy, J. Speroni, M. Sykes, 
y Wahle, C. Warren 


Knights Theater Company 

G. Aboltin, C. Balboni, S. Balkam, S. Bavelock, E. Bestford, 0. Christian, K. Condosta, T. Cox, E. Crowley, T. Currier, 

J. Deale, E. Denmark, C. Durieux, E. Fitzpatrick (co-VP), V. Goddard, A. Hanson, G. Keating, C. Keil, D. Klink, M. LeVangie, 

A. Lizotte, J. Lizotte, C. Lyons (co-President), J. McGonagle, C. Miller, D. Nelson, S. Nelson, S. Petracca (PR), S. Rice, 

B. Romanelli, R. Sheehan (co-VP), J. Smith, A. Solari, M. Swift, J. Tatlebaum, R. Thomas (PR), A. Vrountas, T. Walsh, 

C. Warren (co-President), A. Wright, C. Wick, A. Wilson; Adviser: Ms. Lindholm 

KTC Tech Crew 

John Bishop, Schulyer Brown, Matt Corsini, Cam Culotta, Brody Hollett, Katie Houlihan (co-President), 

Jake Macone, Stephanie Maher, Taylor Marshall (co-President), Justin Martinez, Quinn Murphy (co- 
President), Ashley Smith; Adviser; Mr. Dumas 

International Studies 

G. Altimas, A. Alvarenga, S. Balkham, B. Barrett, J. Barrette (SG), B. Bassick, A. Bates. E. Bernard!, J. Bishop, P. Boudrow, Z. Boudrow, l\l. Brackett, E. Briggs. K. Brown 
(SG|, R. Brown (SG), A. Bryant, E. Byne, J. Cahill, C. Caristi, M. Carolan, B. Chambers, K. Comer, E. Condon, M. Corsini, J. Cox, C. Cullotta, B. Cundiff, A. Currier, C. Cutler 
(SG). M. Deptula, K. Dolan, M. Drake. E. Dundon, M. Dundon.K. Dunham, G. Esborn, H. Evans, L Evans, 0. Gaffney. P. Gannett. C. Gaudet, M. Goldberg, C. Guerin, 

N. Gustafson, J. Herbaugh, T. Hines, K. Jacobs, J. Jamilowski, M. Johnson, H. Kardon, S. Koren, K. Lawrence, L. Lawrence, J. Leonard!, J. Lerch, R. Lewis, J. Lizotte, 

C. Loftus, D. Lynch, C. Macdonald, M. MacKenzie, M. Martin, R. Maxim, K. Maxwell, M. Mcdermott, T. McElhinney, J. McGonagle, K. McKenna, T. McMahon, R. Mehmel, 

J. Morrison, C. Murphy. L. Murphy, K. Noyes, S. Petracca, S. Petracca, V. Petracca (SG), S. Pietryka, N. Polidor, K. Powell, A. Reynolds, C. Rossomando, P. Rowe, R. Ruth, 
W. Schneider, C. Scott, S. Serdy, J. Silverman, J. Siranosian, A.Sivco, S. Stella, S, Stella, J, Sullivan, T. Morgan, G. Tenny, E. Topcu, K. Towey, M. Travers, A. Vrountas, 

R. Walker, 1. Wallace, C. Warren (SG), K. Whaples, K. Whicher, C. Whittle, D Whittle, C. Wilson; Adviser: Mr Franke 

Philosophy Club 


G. Altimas, J. Barrette (VP), K. Brown, B. Chambers, Y. Chen, J. Couples, C. Cutler (VP), G. Esborn, C. Gaudet, 

A. Hanson, M. Johnson, G. Keating, C. Loftus, R. Mamel, I. McCartney, N. Polidor (VP), J. Pratka, 

B. Romanelli, M. Ruth, R. Ruth (President), K. Taylor, J. Webb, K. Whicher, D. Whittle; Adviser: Ms. Simpson 


„ ,,4 ’’ 

Student Council 

B. Bassick, S. Beloin (president), G. Bocuzzi, E. Brickley, A. Caggiano, J. Cahill, M. Campbell, C. Caristi, P. Caristi, B. Carl, M. Corsini, M. Dahl, E. Denmark, K. Dolan, 

K, Dunham, C. Durieux, S. Emerson, H. Evans, E. Fagerburg, S. Felicetti, J. Foster, 0. Gaffney, T. Gaffney (vice president), C. Gautbier, R. German, V. Goddard, J. Goins, 
H. Gonneville, K. Govoni, S. Hannab, C, Hokanson, C. Hokanson, B. Flogan, K. Hogan, K. Houliban, L. Kelly, C. Kilduff, M. Klimm, C. Laughlin, J. Langley, D. Layo, 

M. Layo, M. Lerch, N. Lorino, B, Maciel, T. Maciel, K. Maxwell, T. McElbinney, S. McGee (PR Secretary), C. Miller, M. Mullin, Q, Murpby, K. Noyes, K. Dwen, K. Payne, 
C. Powell, E. Reardon, C. Rezendes, J. Riedel, C. Rossomando, T. Shewchuk, J. Silverman (secretary), J. Siranosian, A. Solari, M. Stergis, C. Sutton, M. Taylor, 

T. Titcomb, M. Travers (Treasurer), E. Vitacco, A. Vrountas, C. Warren, M. Whelan, W. Wood; Adviser: Ms. Kelly 

S. Archambeault, M. Baker, L. Baker, J. Barnaby, L. Barter, N, I 
Brackett, E. Brickley, P. Brito, M. Campbell, C. Caristi, A. Chace, C ■ 
Christian, E. Corbiere (PR Secretary), S. Cotter, A. Cox, T. Currier 
H. Daniels-Koch (President), C, Deal, K. Dolan, L. Duerr, K. 
Dunham, C. Dykas, D. Evans (vice president), L. Evans, K. 
Fitzgerald, C. Forrester, C. Gaudet, C. Gauthier, J. Goins, M. 
Goldberg, B. Golden, H. Gonneville, Z. Gorrasi, M. Greenhaigh, C 
Guerin, S. Haggerty (Secretary), R. Havey, C. Hickey, A. Hir, J. 
Hoadley, K. Hurley J. Kangus, H. Kardon, L. Kelly, R. Lake, J. 
Langley, M. LaRochelle, J. Lerch, M. Lerch, B. Levangie, R. Lewi; 

K, Lowry, S. Lowry, C. Macdonald, C. Mangelson, K. Maxwell, K i 
McCartney, L. McCauley, T. McElhinney, T. McMahon, M. Moshr 
C. Murray, K. Dwen, K. Payne, R. Pentoney, R. Perras, M. 
Peterson, M. Reardon, J. Siranosian, J. Silverman, S. Sivco, C. 
Spofford, M, Suriano, N. Taylor, K. Thierwechter, P, Tierrney, K 
Towey (Treasurer), M. Travers, M. Tropp, K. Van Cleef, A. I 
Vespermann, E. Vitacco, E. Walker, A. Whelan, M. Whelan, K. ' 
Whicher, D. White, K. White; Adviser: Ms. Kinchia ^ 

Taryn Gaffney, Connor Guerin, Sam Petrecca 
Advisers: Mr. Metropolis and Mrs. Haskell 

Student Advisory Council 


R. Anderson, G. Arnao, A. Austin (secretary), L. Baker, C. Barrigas, 

P. Boudrow, A. Buttrick, M. Fernald, E. Fitzpatrick, B. Ganley (co- 
treasurer), S. Haggerty, A. Haygood, D.J. Heras, K. Houlihan, 

J. Leonard, J. Macone (co-treasurer), T. Marshall, C. Maul, S. 

McBain (vice president), M. Morris, M. Payne, K. Robinson, J. Ryder 
(president), T. Shewchuk, S. Sivco, C. Tallia; Adviser: Mrs. Clark 


National Honor Society 

B. Bourque, E. Briggs, K. Brown, E. Budzynkiewicz, A. Caggiano, J. Cannavo, B. Carl, D. Cassista, A. Chace, 0. Christian, K. Comer, E. Corbiere (Vice 
President), N. Crossman, T. Cundiff, J. Curran, T. Currier, J. DeBettencourt, S. Esmond (President), P. Gannett, A. Garrahan, B. Golden, E. Golden, 

J. Hendy, A. Howells, M. Johnson, E. Kelly, M. Lerch, A. Lizotte (Service Hours Manager), M. MacKenzie, J. MacLeod, Q. Murphy, 0. Nelson, 

R. O'Connell (induction coordinator), S. Pietryka, M Reynolds, S. Sholi, A. Sivco, J. Speroni, C. Tavares, R. Thomas, T. Tully, C. Warren (induction 
coordinator), A. Whelan; Advisers: Ms. Luck and Ms. Guarcello 

S. Bavelock, E. Briggs.T. Cox, K. Crossman, S. Diemer (Co-President), M. Dorado (Co-President), L Gallagher, M. Lalonde 
S. McGee, G. Reilly, J. Siranosian, l\l. Taylor, S. Wahle; Adviser: Ms. Arrimour 

National Art Honor Society 

Generation Connect 

B, Bourque, E. Brickley (co-president), S. Briggs, M. Campbell, J. DeBettencourt (co-president) E. Ellis, C. Felicetti, 

S. Felicetti, J. Ferguson, 0. Gaffney, S. Gaffney, T. Gaffney, V. Goddard, G. Hanson, K. Hurley, M. Kous, M. Layo, K. Lowry, 
JP McGrady, K. McKenna, R. O'Connell, 0. Palombo, R. Perras, C. Rossomondo, M. Swift, J. Webb, D. White, K. White; 
Adviser; Ms. Luck 

Amnesty International 


S. Bavelock, E. Briggs, K. Brown (President), A. Chace (Treasurer), 0. Christian (Co-Secretary), K. Dolan (Co-Vice 
President), S. Esmond, S. Fishman, V. Goddard, E, Golden (Co-Vice President), M. Johnson, M, Mackenzie (Co-Secretary), 
K. Malloy, K. Maxwell, L. McCauley, A. Nobile, J. Pratka, R. Ruth, C. Wick; Adviser: Ms. Cardoza 


Concert Band 

G. Boccuzzi, l\l. Bourdon, Z. Budrow, G. Cox, D. Donahue, S. Donovan, M. Fulton, C. Gaudet, P. Griffin, P. Henderson, M. Johnson, C. Jones, T. Milliken, 
J. O'Gorman, N. Polidor, J. Stark, B. Sullivan, M. Travers, K. Whaples, C. Wilson; Adviser: Mr. Cardone 

Jazz Band 

J. Barrett, G. Cox, M. Drake, S. Fishman, P. Gannett, C, Gaudet, C. Hassler, M. Johnson, J. Lizotte, M. Martin, S. Nelson, 

A. Nobile, R. Papapietro, M. Pell, N. Polidor, B. Romanelli, S. Scott, J. Siranosian, J. Smith, B. Sullivan, M. Travers, 
A. Vespermann, K. Whaples, R. Whaples, D. Whittle, A. Wright; Adviser: Mr. Cardone 


A. Bills, B. Demianczyk, S. Eastman, D. Fusco, 0. Gagnon, M. Grundman, A. Hanson, S. Kane, C. Keil, C. Lehmann, C. Miller, S. Nelson, J. Nicholson, A. Nobile, S. Rafiq, 
J. Smith, K. Smith, S. Strauss, J. Sullivan, M. Suriano, R. Tompkins, K. Turgeon, T. Walsh, A. Wright; Adviser: Mr. Cardone 

Sandwich Soul Show Choir 

S. Archambeault, K. Dyer, S. Eastman, E. Fitzpatrick, A. Hanson, J. Hazard, A. LeVangie, M. LeVangie, 

C. Mahoney, M. Masson, S. McCoy, A. McMahon, C. Miller, L. Murphy, S. Nelson, J. Petty, A. Reynolds, 
A. Rindfuss, G. Tanguilig, R. Thomas, J. Torrey, R. Webster, A. Wright; Advisers: Mr. and Mrs. Lasit 


French Club 

J. Barnaby, R. Barrows, B. Bourque, E. Crowley, N. Daly, 0. Gaffney, C. Hokanson, B. Lohr, M. Mackenzie, J. McGonagle, 
0. Nelson, N. Polidor, A. Romano, R. Titcomb (Officer), A. Vesperman, R. Walker; Adviser: Madame Schmidt 

Spanish Club 

R. Barrows, 0. Christian (Secretary), K. Comer (Vice President), N. Corbiere, E. Corbiere, T. Hazard (Treasurer), K. Lawrence, L. 
McCauley, C. O'Conor (President), K. Owen, R. Perras, K. White; Adviser: Srn. Nelson 



Shannon Beloin, Alexandra Caggiano, Sam Carl, Erica Corbiere, Teele Currier, Diana Evans, Cat Felicetti, Jake Ganley, Maddi Gale-Laman, Hilary Gonneville, 
Andrew Howells (President), Jason Hendy, Mathew Johnson, Allison Lizotte, Emily Mann, Emma Masson, Olivia Nelson, Rae Titcomb, Kelly Van Cleef, 
Maranda Swift, Alexander Vrountas, David Whittle; Adviser: Mrs. Martin 

Prom Committee 

J. Collins, S. Deane, K. Dolan (co-chair), C. Felicetti, T. Gaffney, C. Gaudet, R. German, V. Goddard, G, Goodfellow, W. Hazard, A. Mark, 

K. Maxwell, L. McCauley, S. McGee, R. Mehmel, K. Owen, A. Raymond, E. Reardon, J. Silverman, J. Siranosian, A. Solari, V. Spink, C. 
Sutton, N. Swenson (co-chair), M. Swift, K. Towey, M. Travers, D. Trayner, E. Vitacco, K. Whicher; Advisers: Mrs. Luck and Mrs. Dean 


Outdoor Club 

H. Cairns, C. Dennis, T. Hazard, B. Legere, J. Page; Adviser; Mr. Dumas 


Ecology Club 

G. Boccuzzi, P. Brito, M. Buckland, J. Cahill, K. Comer, V. Daly, W. Dimitres, S. Galanis, Z. Gorrasi, M. Johnson, T. McElhinney, 
C. Murphy, L. Murphy, S. Nelson, S. Scott, R. Sorenson, G. Uribazo, R. Ward; Advisers: Ms. Cloutier and Mr. Newton 


Radio Club 

TV Club 

J. Barrette, E. Bestford, J. Bishop, R. Burr, B. Carmichael, M. Carolan, C. Cataneo-Ryan, C. Cutler, M. Drake, M. Dundon, 
P. Fox, N. Gustafson, G. Keating, C. Loftus, l\l. Polidor, A. Raymond, B. Romanelli, C. Cataneo-Ryan, M. Ruth, R. Ruth, 

R. Walker; Adviser; Mr. Hill 

K. Brown, H. Cairns, B. Carmichael, T. Currier, C. Cutler, C. Gaudet, A. Hanson, C. Loftus, K. Owen, S. Petracca, N. Polidor, 
J, Pratka, M. Ruth, W. Schneider, K. Taylor, K. Whaples, R. Whaples; Mr. Schneider and Mr. Vinciguerra 


r hi'f?;^ce 





Ian Me Ewan 

Miktr •! AT 0 R ( M E N r 

J, Curran, A. Mark, J. McGonagle, 0. Nelson, G. Reilly, C. Warren; Advisor: Ms. Gayton 

Students and Military 

A. Alvarenga, G. Barter (Secretary), R. Brown, C. Burns, J. Cannavo (President), M. Corsini, J. Cubetus, G. Davis, 

E. Dempsey, , 0. Gaffney, T. Gaffney, D.J. Heras, L. Horton, R. German, H. Gonneville, A. Lizotte (Vice President), 

J. Lizotte, E. MacDonald, J. MacLeod, M. Mantenfel, S. Shoii (Executive Vice President), J. Speroni (Director of 
Advertising), K. Van Cleef (Treasurer), A. Vrountas, D, Watt, K. Whicher, B. Woods, K. Wright; Adviser: Mr. Cannavo 


G. Aboltin, G. Altimas, S. Balkam, G. Barber (King), B. Barrett, C. Burns, C. Cataneo-Ryan (Princes), K. Condosta, M. Cotter, 
T. Cox, C. Cutler, C. Darrion, G. Esborn, A. Fishkind, P, Fox, V, Goddard, G. Keating, C. Keil, J. Lizotte, C. Loftus, S. McCoy, 

S. Reynolds, S. Rice, B. Romanelli (Prince), M. Ruth, R. Ruth, W. Schnieder, J. Smith, M. Swift, K. Whaples; 

Adviser: Mr. Barber 

Destination Imagination 

R. Brewster, J. Crosby, S. Esmond, E. Fitzpatrick, A. Hanson, G. Hanson, A. Lizotte, J. Lizotte, C. Lyons, 
0. Nelson, R. Thomas 



You bring us great joy and we're excited to see where 
your journey takes you. We are so proud of you and the 
beautiful person you’ve become. Pray, work hard, 
persevere and love what you do. 

Always remember who you are and that you are loved. 
Have fun !!! 

Congratulations! We love you. 

Mom, Dad & Maggie 


Right from the beginning we knew you were a "keeper. " 
\l\le are so proud of the man you have turned out to be. 
With Love and Pride, 


Dad, Mom, Victoria, and Lydia 

"Whai lies behind us and what lies before us 
are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. 
Ralph Waldo Emerson 


Congratulations, Anthony 
We are so proud of you! May your dreams stay big! 
You're going to achieve great things in life. 

We love you, 

Mom and Dad 


Wish it - Dream it - Do it ! 
We are so very proud of you ! 

Just like catching Dottie - 
There's nothing you can't do ! 

Mom, Pops, & Morgan 

''Be the change you want to see in the world.” 

Mahatma Gandhi 


Since you were a very young child, you've demonstrated a profound wisdom beyond your years. We've come to rely on your good judgment and sound advice, and although 
we'll miss them around the house, we know that they'll serve you well In college, and beyond So too will your kindness, quick wit, and even temper. 

Your cooking and laundry skills, however, still need work. 

Dream big, Olivia, and tackle each challenge as you have in the past; with hard work, persistence, optimism... 

and done by deadline. 

With our love and support always. 

Mommy, Daddy, and Sabrina 


"... And leave only footprints behind.'" 

A . » _ 

Congratulations to you ^ , 

Bud and Tricia Scherm^dr^ 

Dear Matt, 

"Laugh often, 
dream big, and 
reach for the stars." 

We love you and are SO 
proud of you now and always! 
Good luck at V-Tech I 


Mom, Dad, Dan & Jackie 

Congratulations, John! 

The joy you have brought to 
our lives is immeasurable. 
Your passion is contagious 
and your leadership will 
continue to inspire. We are 
so proud of all your 
accomplishments and 
always pray for your well 


Dad, Kathie, and Nikki 


You have worked so 
hard to become the 
wonderful woman 
you are today. We are 
so proud of you, and 
look forward to see 
where your life goes. 


Mom and Dad 



Evan, Congratulations! 

Your hard work has 
really paid off. We are 
all so proud of you, and 
wish you continued 
success with college. 


Mom, Dad, and Gareth 



It has been a wonderful journey so 
far. V\le have loved watching you grow 
into the kind Intelligent, and 
determined young lady you are, We 
hope you enjoy the next phase of your 
journey. And always, 

"We hope you dance" 


Mom, Dad, and Alyssa 

Amelia, We are so proud of you and your accomplishments. As you begin a new chapter in 
your life, we know you will be successful in whatever career or path you choose. Continue 
to work hard, be happy, and treasure your friendships and family. Congratulations! 

Love, Mom and Dad 


Congratulations ! 

We know 
you will go far. 


Mom, Dad, and Emily 

Congratulations, Erika 

We are so very proud of you. You have worked hard and have become a strong, confident, caring young woman. 
These high school years have gone so fast, and you have so many great memories. You are now ready for the 

next chapter in your life. 

Remember all the good things in life come from hard work and discipline. Never give up on your dreams, believe 

in yourself, and always be kind. 

Erika, you will always have our love, support, and encouragement. 

Always remember how special you are. 

"Life is not a dress rehearsal." 

All our love. 

Mom, Dad, Allyson 


Every day is a new canvas 
to paint upon. 

Make sure your picture is full of life and happiness. 
We love you 
Mom & Scott 





Know you've got a lot of good things happening 
up ahead. 

The past is gone; it's all been said. 

So here's to what the future brings. 

Know tomorrow you'll find better things... 
Congratulations! We are so proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, Abby, Grammy, & Grampy 

You have given your family a gift of love, pride 
and loyalty. May you follow your dreams 
and passions. 

We love you forever and always. 

Use your back tucks and soar. 


Mom, Dad, Jess, Allie, Bronson, Bubba, Bella, 
and "Regal" Wilson 




I am so proud of all your 
hard work and 
Graduation is not the 
end, it's the beginning of 
a new chapter in your 

All our love 
Mom and family 



You are amazing! 

From an early age we all 
knew you were going places! 
We are so proud of you. 

All our love. 

Mom, Dad, Lacy & Grandma 


You have always put 
a smile on our faces. 
Good luck ... 
and we hope you 
"catch a star." 


Mom, Dad 
& Dylan 


We are so proud of 
the person you have 
become, and all that 
you have achieved. 
Your bright future 

the sky is the limit. 

Mom and Dad 


We once read that Children are like kites, and that a parent's job is to slowly unwind the 
string. One day we realize that the string is let out, and they are flying free. And so it is with 
you. We will never be ready to let our last go, but it appears that our work is almost done, 
as we hang to the string. We are not really sure where the time has gone, but you have 
rewarded us beyond measures. If the truth be told, we would never let you go. Now, as you start a new journey to a world 
full of adventure, please remember; "Always Joseph" be true to yourself, be good to yourself, be good to others. Keep your 
home in your heart, and put your heart wherever you call home. 

Congratulations on the path that you have chosen! You've set the highest goals and realized great achievements. 
Keep number 1 2 close to your heart always. A life well lived makes every yesterday a treasure and every tomorrow a 
promise. May all your tomorrows be filled with God's brightest blessings. 

We are all so proud of you ! 

With our love. 

Mom, Dad, John and Jess 

Dear Megan, 

You have always brought so much joy into our 
lives, and we are so very proud 
of the young woman you have become. 

As you enter the world, always remember that: 
Life is beautiful and so are you. 
Accomplish your goals and always be true. 
Love Always, 

Mom, Dad and Liz xoxoxo 



2.4.6... 18 years! You have only grown 
more beautiful as time has gone by. 

As you look forward to a very bright future, always 
remember the strength of your foundation - family. 

We love you very much, and we will miss seeing 
your beautiful face every day. We are your # 1 fans 


Best wishes now and forever. 


Mom, Dad, Todd, Peter 
and Anne (berg da Rat) 



You are a wonderful son 
A caring brother 

A young man of integrity and humor 
Quiet, strong, dependable 
"stay true to your beliefs" 

You are a leader 

We love you. Mom, Dad, Kathleen and Nannv 

Rachel ... 

Great daughter, Great Sister, Great Job !! 
Congrats ! We love you III 
Dad & Leah 



' I 


When you were little, you used to love getting dressed up...oh. wait, 
you still do! Congratulations on this milestone, and may your 
adventurous, curious, and caring spirit carry you into the future in 
style! Loves of love 

from Mom, Dad, Dory, Duncan, and CJ 



What an honor, to raise 
such an awesome kid. 

I am so proud of you. 
Watch out world... 
here she comes. 
Love, Mom 


We are so proud of 
you and honored 
that you are our son! 
Congratulations on 
this big 


We love you. 
Mom and Steve 

Congratulations Katie Rose 
We are so proud of all your 
accomplishments and the 
beautiful young woman you 
have become. As you 
continue your journey 
remember that it is not the 
journey but the memories 
you create along the way 

Love, Mom, Dad, and Lucy 


We are very happy, for 
all the decisions you 
have made throughout 
your four years of high 
school. We are very 
proud of your many 

Love you 

Dad, Mom, Matthew & 

Congratulations Alexandra! 

We couldn't be prouder of you and all that you have 
accomplished! You have filled our lives with more 
love, joy and pride than you will ever know. Always 
be the determined, kind hearted, passionate, beautiful 
person you are. And as always, keep pursuing the 
hopes and dreams that await you. It is with enormous 
love and pride that we send you on your way to begin 
the next chapter in your life. 

Love you Always and Forever... 

Mommy, Daddy, Alyssa, 6 Owen xoxo 

"My Wish" 

My Wish for you 

Is that this life becomes all that you want it to. 

Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small, 

You never need to carry more than you can hold. 

And while you're out there getting to 
where you're getting to 
I hope you know somebody loves you 
And wants tbe same things too 
This is my wish... 

Rascall Flans 



We have enjoyed 
every minute of 
watching our little 
boy grow into such an 
amazing young man! 
May your dreams 
always stay big and 
your worries stay 
small. We are so 
proud of you! 

Love, Mom and Dad 


It has been a long journey, and you 
have accomplished so much along the 
way. You have grown into a caring and 
beautiful young woman! We are so 
Proud of you! CONGRATULATIONS!! 

With All Our Love 
Mom, Cayla, and Jadyn 


Try not to become a man of 
success, but rather try to 
become a man of value - 
Albert Einstein 

Congratulations, Jake. 
We are so proud of the 
young man you have 

Love Always, 
Mom, Dad, Elizabeth 
and Josh 

Tatiana, Sweet Pea, Tots 

The day you graduates means alot! 
So much time, energy and more, but 
you earned the walk through the 
college doors! 

We love you so much, our Tater Tots 

We couldn't be more proud of youl 
Love, Mom & Dad 


We are so proud of you and your 
accomplishments. We know that you will 
achieve all that you set your sights upon! 
Congratulations I 

Love, Mom, Dad, Austin, Elliott, and Trixie 

T houghtful 
E nergetic 
E ngaging 
L oveable 
E Imo-lover 


May all your dreams come true, 
and your shining spirit 
light the way II 

Mom, Dad, and Rob 





As you begin your journey down the long and winding road of life, we hope you; 
dance a life of love, laughter, happiness and success; and 
dive right in toward fulfilling your dreams. 

We are so proud of the beautiful, intelligent, fun-loving, and responsible young 

woman you have become. 

All of our love, pride, and joy. 

Mom, Dad & Maggie 


Always be true to 

Wishing you great 
success at MMA! 

Twenty years from now you 
will be more disappointed by 
The things you didn't do than 
By the ones you did do. 

So throw off the bowlines. 
Sail away from the safe 

Catch the tradewinds in your 

Explore. Dream. Discover. 
— Mark Twain 

Love, Mom and Dad 



You are truly a man for all seasons ! 
We are all proud of all you have 
accomplished in your high school years. 
You future is bright, 
and we all love you very much. 
Keep doing your best ! 

Mom, Dad, Erik, and your entire family ! 


We are so proud of you. You have 
accomplished so much at SHS with hard work 
and perseverance. There is nothing you can't 


We love you. 

Mom, Maria & Joey 


For four years you made us laugh harder, think 
deeper, and dream larger. You expanded our 
canvas and made us better. Wherever the coming 
years take you, our love and pride will follow. 
Always hold on to your kindness, optimism, and 
sense of humor. Be happy and stay classy I 
We love you. 

Mom, Dad, Kate, and Caroline 




You are an amazing young woman. 
We are so prourl of you I We know 
that this Is just the beginning. Live 
your dreams, embrace your journey, 
and may love fill your life always. 

We love you 

Mom, Dad, Matt, Chris 6 Brad 


You made it ! 

Set your sights high 

Remember to enjoy 
the ride. 

We are so proud of you! 

Mom and Dad 

Congratulations Megan !! 

A daughter is truly a gift of love. You 
have been a wonderful daughter, 
and very special to us. We are so 
proud of you and your 
accomplishnnents. All the happiness 
that life can bring is wished for you 
in your future. 

Much love, xoxoxo 
Mom, Jeff, Jen and Meghan 


We are so proud of 
you I 

Congratulations and 
We love you so 


Mom, Dad & Max 



We are so very proud of you. We have watched you grow through your 
school years from a little girl eager to do her best in school and try every 
activity possible, from ballet to sports to drama to writing, to the 
accomplished, beautiful, articulate, talented, gracious young woman you 
have become. We are amazed by your achievements in so many areas, 
and we are inspired by your talent, enthusiasm, self motivation, and 
your ability to live in the moment and to appreciate the people and 
world around you. 

You bring such joy and pride to our family, and I am grateful and feel 
truly blessed to have you as my daughter. We look forward to the great 
things you will accomplish as you move to the next phase of your life 
and we will be here for you every step of the way. 

Love, Mom and Family 


We are so proud of you and all your 

Your hard work has paid off. We can't 
wait to come watch you swim in 

Love always 

Mom, Dad, Kayleigh, and Matthew 


The moment your foot touched a soccer ball, your sights were set 
on the goal. Your caring and focused leadership makes us proud, in 
all you have, and will, achieve in life. 

Live Your Dreams ! 

We love you 
Mom, Dad, Jess & Meg 

Kristen, , 

Congratulations ! 

We are so proud of all your accomplishments. 

Live well, laugh often and love much! 

Love you. 

Mom, Melissa & Michelle 


Colleen... A dream is a wish your heart makes. If you keep on believing. 

the dream that you wish will come true. We're proud of your 
accomplishments and are looking forward to your continued success. 
We love you... Mom. Dad. Ben and Billy the last of The Lyons' says so long and farewell to SHS I 

"Do what you have to do - so that you can do what you want to do. 


You are the light glowing on our lives. Your sense of humor brightens our days, and your caring ways 
bring warmth to those around you. Congratulations on your accomplishments. Your dedication will 
bring about many more. Believe in yourself and know that we will always love you. 

Mom, Dad, Mike, Sheena, Angelina, and T.J. 

Congratulations Kohle ! 

Listen to your heart, and you will find your purpose. 
Pursue your dreams, and you will succeed. 
When times are tough, do not give up. 

Never forget, your family love and believes in you ! 
We are so very proud of you. 

Love, Mom and Jason 



We remember when you had butt 
rolls. ..BWA ha ha ha. really, we do! 

You have grown into such a beautiful, 
intelligent, compassionate young woman! 

We couldn't be prouder of you! 

You have a mighty heart, a fierce will, and a 
sentimentality that few see. 

You have all the tools you need to achieve 
any goals you choose to set... with the 
added bonus of all of us loving and 
supporting you along the way! So. ..set your 
goals, Alyssa... and go get them Baby! 

Love your mighty 1 0 ! 

Gretchen- As you dance your way into the future, 
remember how proud we are of you, and that we 
love you to pieces. 

Mom, Dad and Abby 


You make the world more beautiful I 
You have incredible Talent and Style! 

You've become a young woman with strength and grace, 
Leadership and laughter, a little bit of country, too. 
Discover the picture God is painting for your life! 

One day you will Shine In the City Lights! 

Your next adventure Is going to be amazing! 

Lots of LOVE 
Mom, Meg 8 Mike 
Brad 8 Mamie, and 
Grammy 8 Grampy 




We are so proud of you and so happy for you! You have always been such a 
caring, witty, beautiful, smart, strong, and happy young lady. Stay that way, and 
the world will be yours! Thanks for being such a wonderful daughter and sister. 
We hope we have given you deep roots and strong wings, so you can follow your 
dreams and always remember where you are loved the most! Time to turn the 
page and start a new and exciting chapter. Congratulations and God bless you 
and all of the SffS Class of 2012! 

Love always. Mom, Shannon, Nicole, and Tara 


Congratulations! How very 
proud we are of your 
accomplishments. You have 
become such a beautiful, 
compassionate and intelligent 
young woman. Continue to 
believe in yourself, make good 
choices, and follow your 
dreams! We love you so 

Mom and Dad 



We are so very 
proud of you. Good 
luck next year! 

Mom, Dad, Sean & 
Ziggy too 


You came to us from halfway around 
the world, and as soon as you were 
put into our arms, we were proud to 
call you our son. Watching you 
growing into the handsome, caring, 
intelligent young man we see today 
has been a very special journey. 
Always remain true to yourself in 
pursuit of your dreams. 
Congratulations on your graduation. 
All our love and support. 

Mom, Dad, and Kyra 


Congratulations ! 

We're so proud of you 
Best of luck at Mass Maritime in the fall. 

Mom and Dad 

Congratulations Lucas ! 

We are so proud of you and all that you have 
achieved. May your future be filled with happiness 
and great success. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Matthew & Jason 


Your accomplishments have always 
amazed us! 

We are so proud of you and who you 
have become. 

We love you so very much, and look 
forward to what God has in store for 
you next. 

Love, Dad, Mom, and Rachel 

Paul Congratulations! 

It has been such a 
rewarding experience 
watching you grow into the 
young man you have 
become. We are so proud 
of you, and we are excited 
to see where your dreams 
take you. ..Know that as we 
let you go, we love you and 
will always be here for you! 

Love, Mom and Dad 

To our amazing daughter, Maranda 

We can't believe how quickly the years have passed, and now you are 
graduating! You have showed us, in so many ways, how amazing you are as a 
daughter, sister, and friend, and we are so proud of you, for all you have 
accomplished and the wonderful person you are, inside and out !! You worked 
hard to get to where you are, and you deserve all the happiness that you have 
now and will have in your future!! Continue to be the person you are; you are 
amazing just the way you are !! Congratulations, Maranda!! We love you ! 
Love Always, Mom, Dad, Melissa, and Michelle 

Our Beautiful Girl Brenna 
Love you always 

Mom, Dad, Thomas, Benjamin, James and Matthew 


Congratulations! We are so proud of you, and all your dedication in your work 
at Street Reach. You have taught us all how to be The Change in the World. 
Keep on reaching one starfish at a time. 


Mom, Dad. Ryan, Christopher and Jacob 

"We Have" 

We had a girl on June 4th, 1 994. 

She brings forth love and so much more. 

You have grown before our eyes. 

My, how the time passes by. 

You have a bright future to inspire. 

We have a wonderful daughter to admire. 
That's you. 

From Dad, Mom and Chris 

Te Amamos !! 

Congratulations Alana ! 

Though getting the tassel was sometimes a hassle. 
You should be proud of yourself 
I know we are ! 

You are a truly amazing young woman. 

Now start the next chapter of your life., 
and don't forget to call. 


Mom, Dad, Cara, Adam. Lauren, Kayleen, and Crilly 


Ciara Rose, 

You are about to begin a new chapter in the book 
of "CC" - a beautiful story about a beautiful 
person. Prior chapters are filled with happiness, 
love, fun tinnes, and sweet memories of family 
and friends. Go out there and make new stories 
"CC Myer." Be ail that you can be., love, and 
be true to you! We are so proud of you. You will 
always be our little princess. 

Love, Mom, Dad, and Josh 

Congratulations to the Class of 201 2 1 
From your first day in preschool, to the day you cross that stage with a 
diploma in hand, our goal has been to help prepare you to make that leap 
into the great unknown, the world beyond the Canal We've been proud of 
you each year; we know we will continue to be proud of your 
accomplishments in the future. With great love and respect. 

Your teachers and support staff members who are 
The Sandwich Education Association 

Congratulations, Paul I 

Thinking back, I always looked forward to the day you would leave for 
college, and I would be able to take your room, but now I feel like 
when you leave, there will be an emptiness in our house that only you 
can fill. For as long as I can remember, you have been a role model to 
me, and someone I have looked up to in all aspects of my life. I am 
sad that you are leaving, but I know that you will be great in whatever 
you do! 

Love, Mark 


We are proud of you, for all you've 
accomplished, and the wonderful person you 
are. You've always had that sparkle in your 
eye, love for life, and contagious enthusiasm, 
which make your friends and family 
want to be around you. 

Love and cheers. Mom, Dad, Andrew & Matt 


Lancer 2012 

Oh my ! This is where the creation of a yearbook becomes very difficult, because we're up against 
the last deadline, the yearbook company is making concerned noises, and it's time to say goodbye. This 
is too long to put in a text message, too important to put in an email, and too heartfelt to rush. Yours may 
well be the last class to use textbooks for all four years; cost and contemporary knowledge may send us 
all to tablets, over the next few years. However, we can pretty much guarantee yours will not be the last 
class to open a hard-copy yearbook, at the beach, at the beginning of Senior Week. 

To produce a project like this 184-page book takes over a year. It begins with Junior Prom in May, 
and continues through summer portrait sessions, fall sports and activities, the beach photo (thank you 
Sandwich Fire Dept, for the lift), class events. Homecoming, winter seasons, shows and concerts, while 
photographers attempt to grab pictures of every class member. 

So, this is all for the seniors and underclassmen who contributed their time and talent to Lancer 
2012, but it is most especially for Olivia Nelson, Editor-in-Chief this year, who chose to serve her class in 
this way, to complete the coordinating, editing, and proofreading. An adviser stands back and nods 
encouragingly; the editor creates the final product, in hundreds of hours of decision-making, choices 
large and small, taking individual responsibility for a book that has an amazingly long shelf-life. 

In 2037, when you have your 25th Reunion, just see how many copies of this book make it to the 
party, and provide the opening conversation: ‘‘Do you remember...?" Then, thank Olivia, who will 
probably be directing a major relief effort, or running a publishing company, or winning a Pulitzer prize. 

Section Editors: 

Stacy Sivco, Allie Lizotte, Beth Gomes Seniors 

Ally Flood, Sam Bavelock Superlatives 

Rachel Brewster, Jordan deBettencourt Clubs 

Mikhaela Tropp Faculty 

Sabrina Nelson, Erin Hurley, 

Calvin Cutler Classes 

Many thanks to our photographers and newsgatherers: 

Kit Archambeault, Teagan Bokanovich ('ll) , Alex Caggiano, John 
Cannavo, Erica Corbiere, the Crossman family, Emma Fitzpatrick, Paul 
McCusker, Catey Morrison, Reilly O'Connell, Rachel Thomas 
... and to the SHS Administrators: Dr. Ellin Booras, Rich Metropolis, and 
Liz Haskell, and to Tom Davis of Northern Images photography. 

Olivia Nelson 
Editor in Chief 


Copyright 2012 Lancer. All Rights Reserved. 

This work is protected by domestic and international copyright law. Except in the context of a genuine 
fair use, any unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this work, in whole or in part, is unlawful. 
Violators will be pursued to the furthest extent of the law. Lancer 20 1 2 is a publication of Lancer, 
an unincorporated association consisting of the editors of Lancer 20 1 2, and of Sandwich High 
School, 365 Quaker Meetinghouse Road, East Sandwich, Massachusetts 02537. 

Registration for the compilation copyright in this book is pending with the U.S. Copyright Office.